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WWYD? A trade down question


Trade Down with KC?  

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  1. 1. Trade Down with KC?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Depends on what player is available (post the player you wouldn't pass up)
    • Maybe if they added another pick (post what pick you'd also want)
    • Other (i.e.- "Hey GB has two picks, I'd rather have those!")

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What Would You Do?

KC is in need of a WR after trading Hill away.

If they came calling for our #11 pick and offered their two firsts (#29 and #30)

Would you take that deal?

For me, even though the draft values are similar, I would need at least another pick (2nd or 3rd in 2023 thrown in, maybe?). 

But if a guy I really wanted was still there, I'm not sure right now if I'd do it.

But am interested in your thoughts.

Would you?

Or not?

Or what else would it take to get you to move down to #29 and #30?

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100% I would. I'd take that to the bank.


I'll edit to share why.

It is at that point, two first round picks that you can take a player for need (ie MLB, G, FS) and also take a developmental QB that falls (while locking in the 5th year option).

You also could just go need at both spots. Any combination of MLB,G,FS,WR,CB.

I think getting another pick would be better, but if someone offers me two firsts this draft for #11, I'm taking it.

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I'd do that deal. There's depth in this draft, and getting two very solid guys at the end of the round would be great. Walking away with two of Zion Johnson (G), George Pickens (WR), Andrew Booth (CB), Jahan Dotson (WR), etc. 

or if you're feeling spicy and hate Wentz, you can take one of these QBs at the end of the first and get a 5th year (Howell, Ridder, Corral, etc) along with one of these talents. 

To be extra greedy though I might ask for their 4th and give back a 6th. 

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Thai, I would take the deal without blinking.

Their 29 & 30…? Absolutely

For 11...you bet.

The draft is a crapshoot, Thai 

And 2 is better than 1. Specially when the draft doesn't have the top blue chip talent that most drafts have.



Thai, if I told you I will trade My Mercedes convertible & my Tuscan for your 1 vehicle?

Would you do it?


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I wouldn't do it for the KC deal I would do it if they added a 3rd since we don't have ours and seem to be decent picking there. I would take the GB deal because I want to get one of the top 5 receivers and one should be there. I would also be more inclined to take the trade if Wilson/Gardner/Hamilton goes before we pick.

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11 minutes ago, lavar703 said:

Then yes, I’d consider it. I just think dropping that far is really tough. You start missing out on a lot of talent. 

It depends on teams, I get it. It’s like trading the potential of maybe an A/A- guy for two B guys. 

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I'd do the trade, unless Hamiltion is there who I think is top need/fit of best players.

Just hink I'd rather have 2 of
WR Pickens/Watson/Moore
IOL Linderbaum/Green/Johnson
LBer Dean/Chenal
CB Booth/Gordon
(Know all these won't fall but examples of group that should be at Chiefs pick)

Then just Wilson/London/Olave

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I'd also like to add that I'm in the "no" for drafting a WR with our #11 pick. 

However, I could stomach it much more if Washington was able to trade down with K.C. or G.B. & obtain both of their 1st Rd picks in the later 1st.

With 2 shots in the 1st, taking a potential stud at Wideout would not be a bad move.

But there have been way too many disappointments with 1st Rd WR's than hits.

They're more likely to become Josh Doctson than Justin Jefferson. 

I mean, our stud #1 WR in Scary Terry? Is a 3rd Rd pick.

So all you guys screaming from the rooftops to take Olave or Garrett @11…?

It's a huge no from me @11.  But not on a trade down for more additional picks.

ITs also why I want Julio Jones and his old ***. I'd rather have an old HOFer with 1 foot out the door, than a WR who will never enter that door.

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