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Third Annual- Bucs Mock Draft Challenge


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In these parts, it is called the Lil' Shorty Invitational.  Can someone, anyone dethrone the champ?  To quote Ricky Bobby- "If you're not first, you're last".  

So the rules are simple. A point is earned for a prospect the Bucs draft on your mock draft.  An additional point can be earned if you get the round drafted correctly of the prospect.  Your mock can have more picks added or reduced thru trades.

Bucs current draft picks:

- Rd 1 (27)

- Rd 2 (60)

- Rd 3 (91)

-Rd 4 (133)

-Rd 7 (248)

-Rd 7 (261)

Best of luck.  Yeah, not really.  



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12 minutes ago, BucsDraftGeek47 said:

Just saving my spot on here, need a couple more days to hear more rumors 😉 are we allowed trade backs? or no

1 - 

2 - 

3 - 

4 - 

7 - 

7 - 

Yes, trade up or down. Just specify the round of each pick in your mock draft.

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I have us moving all around this draft. We trade our 3rd and 7th for a 4th and 5th this year. We trade our other 7th and future conditional pick for a 6th this year. 


1 - S Lewis Cine (Georgia)

2- RB Isaiah Spiller (Texas A&M)

4 - OT Sean Rhyan (UCLA)

4 - EDGE Alex Wright (UAB)

5 - DT Matthew Butler (Tennessee)

6 - TE Daniel Bellinger (San Diego St.)

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3 minutes ago, ravishingone said:

Two Bucs favorites.  Burks just isn't the athletic freak that Licht usually drafts with his first pick.  That is why I did not put him on my mock 

I don't think he falls to 27. WRs making $30M makes guys like him far more valuable. Especially in a draft without QBs or top end talent.

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