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Week 3 Thread: Philadelphia Eagles (2-0) "at" Washington Commanders (1-1) - 1 PM on FOX


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Just now, lavar703 said:

I’ll stick with sentiment that if Wentz struggles a lot before we hit the 60% mark of games started I’d bench him to preserve the second round pick. 

I agree 

I like wentz but I hate to say it

He looks lost in this offense and I’m sure henickie would have played better .

And that hurts admitting that .

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Just now, IHatesnyder said:

Smh least we not the raiders

imagine trading and signing guys jus to be 0-3  and lose a 24-0 lead last week


Well, there’s always the:

”At least we’re not the worst!”


Steve Spurier:

Got a big crowd in here! Ok, we wound up 5-11! Not very good! But there was some worse ‘un us. I guess that’s one positive way to look at it, we weren’t the worst team in the league. But it wadn’t very good. And we’re disappointed. And offseason’s here, so we’ll try to regroup. And try to make this team, this franchise better.”


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22 minutes ago, IHatesnyder said:

We winning 3 in a row



ihatesnyder prediction

if we dont

u guys can call me a moron 

for venting reasons 

You said it. 😂 Jk

I don’t see how we beat the Cowboys. Our OL isn’t going to be able to block Parsons & Lawrence, just like last year.

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