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GTD Week Whatever. Browns vs Who Cares


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1 minute ago, NateDawg said:

There will start to be a good burn and then Grant Delpit will swoop down out of nowhere and piss all over it. 

You lost me at the "Grant Delpit will swoop down out of nowhere" portion. He will be nowhere to be found.

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2 hours ago, MWil23 said:

I laughed!

In all seriousness, this looks like a classic "rebound game" for the Browns for absolutely no reason. The Browns have had major success on Cincinnati with running the ball, the playaction pass, and forcing the Bengals to be one dimensional (their running game is very lacking), so I could see Burrow getting sacked like 5+ times and still putting up huge numbers and points.

If he turns it over we win, and if not, we could lose by 20+.

Seriously this a excellent test we were 3 wins no losses against Burrows with Mayfield. 

This is Mayfield against Stefanski and Berry lose here Stefanski Berry are wrong and deserved to be fired

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