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Week 17: NY Jets vs SEA Seahawks


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8 minutes ago, doumeyer said:

Not for me. i sure don't want to see the last two teams that were added to the playoffs. They just don't belong in the plalyoffs.

Our back to back AFCCGs we barely got in the playoffs and rattled off wins to nearly make the Super Bowl both years. How you get there doesn’t matter. It’s getting there. We still have our work cut out for us big time. Bc SEA and MIA aren’t easy games and we have to win both. But it’s for sure doable with White at QB instead of Wilson.

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Mike White is in so I think the jets have no problems with the win here. I think the Jets are pumped for this game and seattle has a pretty bad DB's. I think White is well over 300 yards here with 2 TD's and no turnovers. 

Jets 31

Seattle 10.

Geno is starting to show he is the same old Geno. I just hope the Pats lose this week so the Jets win at Miami they are in. 

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2 hours ago, jetfuel34 said:

I just hope the Pats lose this week so the Jets win at Miami they are in. 

If NE wins this week and loses to Buffalo AND we win our next two, we would be ahead of Miami and NE. I like that better.

We just need to win. 

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55 minutes ago, jetsfan4life51 said:

DJ and Sauce should handle DK and Lockett. I think we should be more effective running the ball and controlling the clock. I’d like to see Moore have a day while Woolen targets GW. 

I agree that DK and a bad hip lockett will not do much in this game. I think Walker is the only one that scares me on the O. They have to stop the run and Q having another week plus to rest up should put him close to 100% now. Just need the Pats to lose. 

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Every time I hear "another easy win for us, or we should win this game" disaster strikes. 

MW if he's blessed, finishes this game, but I wouldn't count on it. One sack and he's gone.

Enter Joe Flacco, and who knows what we have here.

The only way the Jets win is if the D plays up to their potential, but the Jags exploited their weakness and the fact that the DC fails to make adjustments.

So there you have it boys and girls.

Geno Smith is going to dink and dunk and one of the finest defensive minds in football will dare MW to beat them with the pass especially knowing he's limited in his showing ability.

So 2 ways this can go.

1. The Jets have the D carry them into the last game of a meaningful season and perhaps the playoffs OR

2. MW/Flacco throw 5 int's, Seattle running backs run all over the D and the D plays most of the game on the field while the O is riding the pine.

Then during the postgame interviews MLF say's "I have to be better and put our QB's in a better position to succeed" ditto Saleh.

Woody are you listening?

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