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The First Annual WARPATH AWARDS!!! Winners Announced (page 5)


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Ok I received a suggestion from a member (who I will not reveal now, I'll let him reveal himself). So here goes:



We have one of the more active forums.  We have a guy in mike23md who can make sigs, there's no reason this shouldn't be a thing.  The Eagles forum has the Baldies and they all love it.  We should be doing the same thing.

- Most Active Poster

- Best Mock Drafter

- Most Knowledgeable Poster

- Funniest Poster

- Best Overall Poster (Sean Taylor Award)


I think this is a great idea. We already have the Sean Taylor Award, but the other awards are great ideas as well. And mike23md is down for the sigs.

 Let's figure out a name for the awards in general (the Iggles call theirs "the Baldies") I'll leave the name suggestions open until Sunday evening. (Don't worry, we can always change it later if enough people want to change it) 

And then the 26th, we can start taking your votes on the individual awards above ^^^.


Some of the names I and Woz have come up with

Here's some additional ideas (some okay, some silly, some referencing American Indian origin):

1) The BaG Awards        (BaG = Burgundy and Gold) kinda like a play on the SAG Awards on TV

2) The Cooke Awards

3) The Sammies            (after Sammy Baugh)

4) The Hoggo's              (Woz suggested this as a combination of Riggo and Hogs)

5) The Tomahawks

6) ....


We may want to stear clear of American Indian references in our names to avoid more problems than its worth. But let's see what the forum says.

Ok, get your thinkin' caps on and get creative!!



Oh and friendly PSA to Doc - don't dip into the McCallan before you get creative.

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The Annual...



Ok send me and @Wozyour votes for the following awards:


- Most Active Poster

- Best Mock Drafter

- Most Knowledgeable Poster

- Funniest Poster

- Best Overall Poster (Sean Taylor Award)  --> Past ST award winners are exempt (see below)!

-Best Non-Redskins Poster (who has posted here in the last year)

Gonna limit the voting to 3 weeks of voting from today (including that Monday Night).


Here are the ST award winners that are exempt:

@Woz, @Thaiphoon. @footy_29 @turtle28, @e16bball, @MKnight82

(*) If Webby doesn't like it, we can always change it!

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9 minutes ago, Jeezy Fanatic said:

Having a “Most Active Poster” award is the equivalent of having a “Best Pokemon GIFs” or “Least Letters Capatilized” award. We can do it, but it wouldn’t provide a lot of drama.

We could do which poster has the most “likes.” That would be a good one.

We can call it the “me likey longtime award!” Lol ? 

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