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PHREAK'S Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)


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Welcome to the Phreak's Dynasty League!
Established in 2010.

All trades/ discussions / banter will be posted on this thread.

You will find up to date info about our League in this first post:

LM has final say on all rules, trades, and disputes, but can ask for input.
(LM) is T.R. Renegades / WE-R-Lions http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/privmsg.php?mode=post&u=18836

League info:
ESPN, PPR w/return yardage

16 - Teams
4 - Divisions
6 - Playoff teams


Team Names:
Once you select a team name, it's permanent, and it can't be changed. (choose wisely)

All trades that includes draft picks need to be listed and confirmed on this thread from both teams.

Prior to the keeper deadline
Teams can make multiple player trades (2 for 1) or (3 for 2) etc. All teams must have 12 players at the keeper deadline, or have a max of 18+IR players on their rosters along with 6 draft picks prior to the keeper deadline. (The team getting the extra player(s) may need to adjust/drop players if needed to stay within the team roster limit. (Remember you have to keep 12 players at the keeper deadline)
Current year draft picks & The following year draft picks can also be traded or be part of a trade, but pick totals need to equal out (1 for 1) or (2 for 2) etc. per year.

After the keeper deadline
Teams can make multiple player & current year draft picks in a trade (1-player for 1-pick) or (1-player & 1-pick for 2-picks) etc. but both teams need to have a total of 18 (players + picks) on their rosters prior and during the draft.
The following year draft picks can also be traded or be part of a trade, but pick totals need to equal out (1 for 1) or (2 for 2) etc. per year.

Future draft picks
Draft picks can be traded one year prior, but everyone must have 6 draft picks total.

This is the old thread if you need to look back in history:

League Records
Super Bowl wins - (5) by: Det Fan782004
Runner-up - (4) by: The Murder Mitten
Divisional wins - (8) by: King's Pride
Playoff Appearances - (10) by: King's Pride
Best regular season record - (13-0) by: King's Pride
Most points scored in the regular season - (2018pts) by: Prairie Dogs

The Phreaky 16

Team Name - Forum Name

Team X - @X_Factor_40.
Prairie Dogs - @winitall.
Sammymvpknight - @sammymvpknight.
Buffalo Bulldogs - @Lionized.
Lions Pride81 -  @Karnage84.
Sandy Creek Patriots @CalLionsFan.
King's Pride - @LionsRock.
The Tako Expierence - @SimsZilla.
Detroit Styles - @Sllim Pickens.
(LM) T.R. Renegades - @WE-R-Lions.
Old Man Jeb's Taco Cart - @TL-TwoWinsAway.
PDX Dirtbags -@nagahide13.
Hoth Tauntauns - @Lions017.
Det Fan782004 -  @detfan782004.
The Murder Mitten - @Irish Ninja.
Playing For Keeps - @Foooooooootball.

Here is a preliminary yearly timeline to look forward to:
1. The week the NFL has the draft, I'll ask everyone to check in for the new year & add new GM's as needed.
2. Trading can begin With the official start of the NFL season each year.
3. Keeper deadline will be July 15th. After you drop your players on the ESPN site you will still need to select your keepers on the site, otherwise the site will drop all of your players not selected.
4. Draft starts on The last Monday in July.
5. Free Agent pickups will start after our draft is entered into the ESPN site, and end after the waiver wire selections are completed after the SB.
6. Draft Order based on the previous reg season standings 1-12 (bottom 10 teams), Championship Playoff standing 13-16 (top 6 teams), plus all trades made.

7. If a team is deemed "tanking" by the LM in the playoffs or Reg season to try to get a better draft position, your team's first pk the following years draft will be moved to the last pick in that Rd, a tanking GM could risk being removed from the league. The LM will adjust the weekly scoring to the identified potentially tanking team as needed per week. Items that could be flag as a tanking team are as follows: (Players in your line-up for multiple weeks are on a bye, empty slots in your line-up, a player listed as "out" or on "IR" before game day, Not playing a stud player, FA fill-in possibilities, the LM needing to adjust your score, will all be factored in to determine tanking teams). If a GM is removed from the league for tanking, the new GM's draft slot would be restored to it's proper drafting slot the following year.

Our draft thread:
Will be created before our draft


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