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Titans Pick'Em Competition - Week 1


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Just like last year, going to keep this as just picking the Titans game each week. This time around, there will be prizes for 1st($75 amazon gift card), 2nd($50 amazon gift card) and 3rd($25 amazon gift card) place. If for whatever reason you'd rather just have straight up money instead of a gift card, I can send through paypal but that's about the only alternative I can offer. Having prizes for the top 3 spots is an attempt to keep people around picking and competing longer, that way even if someone has a big lead in 1st, there's still a reason to compete for 2nd and 3rd.

The format this year will remain the same as last year. It'll be based off overall record with a tiebreaker each week of correctly guessing the Titans amount of points in the game and in order to receive any tiebreaker points your score prediction has to be within 7,  and to qualify for that tiebreaker you have to correctly predict the winner of the game. So if you predict Tennessee 20 Miami 13 this week and the Titans win 20-13, you'd get 7 points. If the Titans instead won 13-10, you'd receive one point. 12-10 and you'd receive no points. Alternatively if you predicted Tennessee 20 Miami 13 and the actual score is Miami 24 Tennessee 20, you'd receive no points as your prediction on the winner would be incorrect.

If at any point during the season you feel you might miss a week(or multiple weeks) you can PM me your score predictions in advance and I'll use those each week.

With that being said, if you have any questions feel free to ask, otherwise go ahead and post your prediction.

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