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Mahomes vs Watson vs Trubisky


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I think it's been documented that most quarterbacks that suffer a season ending injury come back the following season and struggle a bit.  We've seen that most recently with both Marcus Mariota and Derek Carr.  Both were injured in 2016 and had subpar 2017 seasons for their standards.  With that said, I'm expecting Watson to struggle some.  The thing is, I find it really hard to believe that Mitch Trubisky will have a better season than Watson.  I've been on record since last year that I think Pat Mahomes is the real deal and he's going to be really good, but I don't think he'll have a better season than Watson, either.

Best career will be Watson, he's really really good.  I think Mahomes is going to be good as well.  I like Trubisky and I hope he succeeds, but he has a lot of accuracy issues and that's really bad for a quarterback.

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Mahomes looks like a perfect fit next to Hunt, Kelce and Hill. He can sling it and let his playmakers make plays. However he will have boom or bust games imo.

Watson is rusty and he will take a few games but he is going to be elite.

I'm not high on Trubisky and I don't see anything special.

For now and for the future




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He's not a "throw it up in a prayer to Deandre Hopkins that relies on his legs" type of QB

And he's not an inaccurate weaker armed QB either

He's surrounded by a lot more talent then The other QBs too which will help with his development

I'm also a homer so heavily biased

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