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fins offseason plan to save the packers: a mock offseason


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Bashaud Breeland | Cornerback


Already built rapport w/ some of the young corners and has been looking solid lately obviously. Said GB gets first dibs at him, so sounds like he's ok with coming back. Bring him back and let him prove he's worthy of a big bag. Something around 4-5m for just a year.

Jake Ryan | Inside Linebacker


solid thumper that's close with a lot of guys on the D. let him come prove he's healthy. something like 1 year 2m. 

Clay Matthews | Linebacker 


bring him back for one more run to see if we can get him another ring before he calls it a career. 2 years like 10 million with an easy out after 1. 

Restricted Guys

Geronimo Allison | Wide Receiver 
Reggie Gilbert | Edge Rusher

Robert Tonyan Jr. | Tight End

give Geronimo a tender, doubt anyone tries to sign him. and then reggie and robert are EFRA's so bring them back in. 


New Additions

DeSean Jackson | Wide Receiver 


Bring DeSean and Rodgers together. already have a relationship and adds a legit threat to this offense, he's still got the burners. Almost assuredly getting axed from Tampa after that relationship went south. Window is closing for Aaron, don't waste it. Something like 2 years 16 million. 

Tre Boston | Safety



always seems to produce turnovers every year. never really see him being slandered on twitter. solid veteran safety that immediately locks down a starting slot. love his communication and his energy, should fit right in with the DB room. would like him here for a while. 3 years something around 14m, that's possible to get out of after a year. 

Za'Darius Smith | Edge Rusher 


Snag some edge rusher help w/ BAL fans believing they're gonna let him walk. Za'Darius is still just 26 and is like 3rd or 4th in QB hits. Not getting talked about a lot for whatever reason. Bring him in as a main piece of the pass rush rotation on a 3 year deal for solid money. 


Round 1

Josh Allen | Edge Rusher


near the top of my wish list for the offseason. dude has ideal size, ability and plays w/ that kind of moxie that gives a defense an identity kinda like Jaire. having two young elite ****-talkers for the next decade would be a beautiful thing. immediately the best pass rusher on this squad without question

Round 1

Christian Wilkins | D-Line


guy looks good from the 3 minutes of one cut-up i watched. nice fellow to have in the room, so i think he's bringing value beyond the field. should be a leader on the squad for a while. him/clark/daniels should be nasty front for the next couple years. 

Round 2

Albert Okwuegbunam | Tight End


watched the big names tight ends in this class & to me he was the best one. fluid guy, twitter says he doesn't have drop issues, and they use him outta the h-back spot quite a bit. i get going TE early isn't sexy. i actually slotted aj brown in this spot, but then i just switched it just right now after everything was done. but i wanted something behind graham and i think he's gonna be solid af. pretty quiet guy from the sound of it. can get him on the field in a variety of ways his first year. isn't useless as a blocker either apparently. those highlights are his freshman year, not this year btw. 

Round 3

Nasir Adderley | Safety


feisty guy to add to the safety room. plays with max effort and has the same kinda moxie that jaire plays with, not to keep bringing that up. made some really impressive snags over the past couple years and also will pop guys really hard. never have to question if he's giving everything. also related to herb adderley. i think he immediately pins down a pretty big snap count. 

Round 4

Alex Bars | Guard


went down with an injury this year, but twitter sources say he was playing damn good ball before that. sounds like a smart guy that could develop into a good leader on the line. very likable personality. 

Round 4

Sheldrick Redwine | Safety


i love this guy. really dependable tackler that also smacks tf outta guys. solid ball skills from what i've seen from 2 cut ups and read. really garners no hate on twitter from canes, which is rare for a safety. plays with moxie, i think him and adderley could both end up being passable starters long-term if need be. very vocal guy. think he's gonna be a steal in the 4th if he doesn't start getting more hype in draft circles. 

Round 5

Trayveon Williams | Running Back



adds a different skill set to the room. little quick/shifty pass catcher. also has a fantastic demeanor, really got a draft crush after listening to him talk for a couple minutes. has like a c-wood aura with how he communicates or at least his voice reminds me of c-wood. 

Round 6

D'Cota Dixon | Safety


such a likable guy. like adding people like him to the roster this late. i didn't really look too deep into his ability, but he's getting valued around this area from what i've seen on a few different sources. yall probably know way more than i do being mostly WISC fans on here. is a high-effort guy so should at least do some ST stuff. im rooting for him. 

Round 6

Tytus Howard | Offensive Tackle


just wanted to add a tackle to the room in favor of pankey. toolsy guy who did really solid in FCS after switching to RT. likable guy. 

Round 7

Traded For 2021 6th Rounder



Offense (24)

QB: Aaron Rodgers | DeShone Kizer

RB: Aaron Jones | Jamaal Williams | Trayveon Williams | Dan Vitale

WR: Davante Adams | DeSean Jackson | Marquez Valdes-Scantling | Equanimeous St. Brown | Geronimo Allison | J’Mon Moore

TE: Jimmy Graham | Albert Okwuegbunam | Robert Tonyan Jr.

OL: David Bakhtiari | Bryan Bulaga | Jason Spriggs | Tytus Howard

IL: Corey Linsley | Lane Taylor | Alex Bars | Cole Madison | Nico Siragusa

Defense (26)

DL: Kenny Clark | Mike Daniels | Christian Wilkins | Dean Lowry | Tyler Lancaster | Montravius Adams

OLB: Josh Allen  | Za’Darius Smith | Clay Matthews | Kyler Fackrell | Nick Perry | Reggie Gilbert

ILB: Blake Martinez | Jake Ryan | Oren Burks

CB: Jaire Alexander | Kevin King | Bashaud Breeland | Josh Jackson| Tony Brown | Natrell Jamerson

S: Tre Boston | Nasir Adderley | Sheldrick Redwine | Josh Jones | D’Cota Dixon

Special Teams (3)

K: Mason Crosby

P: JK Scott

LS: Hunter Bradley


that gets an owl boy 


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Not only is this a great offseason for us but the Free Agency period is an actual possibility and not something far-fetched. The draft? I understand the switch from A.J. Brown to the TE but man I'd be okay with either one of those players with a slight nod going to Brown but I understand why you made the switch. Overall great draft, great off-season, and great effort! Thanks for the read.

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10 minutes ago, FinneasGage said:

yeah i dont know anything about this tbh. could you explain that? 

He'll measure out at 6'2.5" 310

That's short for a defensive lineman and while I think he'll be a really good 1-tech in an attacking 4-3, that's not what we're about. 

We're looking for length on the edge like Wilkerson, a 6'4+ 295lb guy to play 3 and 5-tech. 


*Assuming Pettines stays on at DC

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27 minutes ago, Golfman said:

Not fond of the moves prior to the draft. I like the draft, other than drafting 3 safeties. A bit of overkill IMO. Few other nitpicking things. Matthews is going to get 7-8 million a year from someone. I pray it isn't us. 

I like it.  You take multiple shots and hope you hit on one or two.  Not sure Matthews will command that kind of cash.  If so have to let him walk.  I'd like to bring him back and shift him to ILB.  DJ is a hard pass especially at 8 mil.  He's 32 already and made of glass.  Like everything else.  

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47 minutes ago, Golfman said:

Not fond of the moves prior to the draft. I like the draft, other than drafting 3 safeties. A bit of overkill IMO. Few other nitpicking things. Matthews is going to get 7-8 million a year from someone. I pray it isn't us. 

really only drafting 2. r6/r7 are throw-aways. got to the 6th round and pankey and greene were the 2 guys on the final 53 that looked most replaceable. 

and we have no idea what matthews is going to get. 

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