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Browns sign Kareem hunt

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6 minutes ago, Kiwibrown said:

We are going to find out if he wants football or thug life, I didn't think he was a thug before the NFL.

People do make misatkes, he didn't necessarily know they were mistakes until they had actual consequences. Josh Gordon did rugs regularly, it didnt cos him anything until 2014.  


he will be suspended for a long time nothin changes for Chubb or Duke. 

Suspended for a long time? I could see maybe 4-6 games and they give him time served if they allow him to come back. 

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8 minutes ago, LETSGOBROWNIES said:

The general aching of arses in NFL Gen makes the signing worth it on its own.

Most of those opinions would have been different had their team signed him.

That ****** Giants fan that was all over this place last week would be creaming himself over the thought of Hunt and that other RB they have 

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