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Players that could have played to 45?


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And what I mean by played I mean stayed on a roster. Obviously most players retire because they have some semblance of savings (even if for a few years) or ego.

43 year old Jerry Rice had a roster spot on the 2005 Broncos, who were a great team that year (losing in AFC title game) but he saw that he'd be relegated to 3rd on the depth chart and that wasn't good enough for Jerry. Could have played that year and been a 40-50 receptions guy as 04 was a downswing not necessarily the defacto and it was dysfunctional.

Darrell Green wasn't starting many games his last few seasons but he was still playing all of them his last two and the INT totals were never huge so not having any wasn't enough for him to be jobless. He had spent 20 years with one team so playing on another was just in bad taste but he physically could have held a roster spot for 3 more seasons considering he still had his speed and durability.

Charles Woodson looked to be near finished after his age 36 season and appeared hovering the following year but finished his age 39 season as a Pro Bowler again and frankly I wouldn't have been surprised if he played another 6, yes 6 seasons even if a bench warmer he was still good physically with the rep.

Ray Brown was primarily a guard who in 20 seasons got his one and only Pro Bowl nod at age 39 and would be one of the oldest players to start a playoff game at age 43 which turned out to be his last.

Earl Morrall didn't have to do much to equal Blanda's exploits in his later season. He was his only start at age 40 and 41 before retiring after his age 42 season. I don't think it's much of a stretch the former MVP could have found a roster spot on a lesser team than the 77 Dolphins which as far as I know he could have come back to had he wanted instead of retiring.

Doug Flutie made a roster spot as a 3rd stringer on the 2005 Patriots. Not at all a bad team to be on and after his age 43 season he supposedly would have been back on the Pats had he wanted. It's fairly clear from his Charger days that he was at least on par with Testaverde in being a serviceable emergency back-up for 2 more seasons.

Testaverde, Moon & DeBerg. All three were 44 when they last suited up and I certainly lean towards Testaverde who started 6 games and actually won 2 but Moon who albeit had a pretty bad game in his one start for the Chiefs could have made a roster off name. Meanwhile DeBerg was overall pretty decent in relief after 4 years out and I think if he wanted to he had less miles.










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On ‎2‎/‎26‎/‎2019 at 1:42 PM, MWil23 said:

Assuming we are eliminating kickers and punters since they aren't real football players, Darrell Green played until he was almost 43. I'd take him of about any non QB.

And he was in the NFL's fastest man contest (which I miss) cooking those young guys after he retired


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On 26/02/2019 at 6:21 AM, Marc MacGyver said:

T.O. ... Let's be honest, he kept (Still is in great condition, tbf) his body in ridiculous shape & he still possessed a lot of his explosive athleticism. Even at an advanced age. Had it not been for his mouth & the perception of being a diva - he probably would've played till 45. 

He tore his ACL and that cost him returning for his age 38 season. He was active at age 39 and 40 but didn't get any calls.

So whether it's political or not that answers the question. He's still active though at 45 now!!!

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