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49ers place franchise tag on Robbie Gould K


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24 minutes ago, GOGRIESE said:

I mean they had to. He was jumping ship otherwise. 

*He was jumping ship to Chicago.

But yeah, this has to be done. I know Robbie badly wanted to go back to Chicago, but the Niners couldn't let him go, especially in a year they will be wanting to make a serious playoff push. Will be aggressive in the offseason and draft to get that accomplished. So Robbie will be able to at least play for a potential playoff team that he badly wanted to play for. 

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7 minutes ago, tom cody said:

He's one of the best kickers in the NFL, not sure I would give him a franchise tag though. 

I don't understand this

"hes a top 5 player but I don't want to pay him like hes a top 5 player"

The tag is 5 million for kickers, and like all FTs, its the average of the top 5 highest salaries at the position. 


4 minutes ago, topwop1 said:

He wants to be in Chicago tho…

exactly why he was tagged

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