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CH430 Mock [Vol 1] Pre FA


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Packers trade their 2nd and 5th round picks to the Chiefs for Dee Ford. Dee Ford signs a 4 year/64 million dollar deal (16 mil/yr)

Give up some draft capital to fill a huge need. While Dee will demand a fat contract, you cannot put a price on a proven pass rusher when you lack that consistency. 


DB Tramon Williams 4.75 million in savings

Hate to see Tramon leave but hes been passed up on the depth chart by younger guys and is just not worth his salary at his age.  

Edge Nick Perry 3.3 million in savings

It's time to move on. Inconsistent, often injured, and unproductive


DL Mo Wilkerson 1 year/3.5 million

Rumors that both parties are interested in a return. Bring him back on another prove it deal and hopefully he stays healthy. 

DB Breshaud Breeland 3 years/15 million (5 mil/yr)

With Tramon leaving the Packers need a steady veteran on the backside. Breeland flashed at times last year despite the circumstances. I think with a full year in the Packers system he would be a vital part of our defensive rotation. 

ILB Jake Ryan 1 year/3 million

When healthy he is a solid player, he deserves a prove it deal. 

WR Geronimo Allison tendered


Free Agency

Slot Jamison Crowder 3 years/15 million (5 mil/yr)

Fimilarity with LaFluer and solid upside give me hope for Crowder. He has solid hands and is much more of an athlete than Cobb is at this point. Also provides some value as a PR. 


*Packers trade 12 to the Raiders for 27 and 35*

1 [27] SAF Nasir Adderly Deleware

1[ 30] f. NO TE Noah Fant Iowa

2 [35] f. OAK OL Cody Ford Oklahoma 

3 [76] ILB Tre Lamar Clemson

4 [115] OLB Chase Winovich Michigan 

4 [119] f. WSH SAF Amani Hooker Iowa

6 [172] OL Trey Pipkins Sioux Falls

6 [182] f. SEA RB Benny Snell Kentucky

7 [204] FB Alec Ingold Wisconsin

2 Deep

QB- Rodgers, Kizer

RB- Jones, Williams, Snell* 

FB- Ingold

OW- Adams, Allison, EVS, St. Brown

Slot- Crowder*, Kumerow

TE- Graham, Fant*, Tonyan

OT- Bahktiari, Bulaga, Spriggs, Pipkins* 

OG- Taylor, Ford*, Patrick, Pankey

OC- Linsley, McCray


DE- Wilkerson, Daniels, Lowry, Adams

NT- Clark, Lancaster

Edge- Ford*, Fackrell, Winovich*, Gilbert

ILB- Martinez, Lamar*, Ryan, Burks

CB- Alexander, King, Breeland, Jackson, Brown

SS- Jones, Hooker*

FS- Adderly*, Greene

K- Crosby

P- Scott

LS- Bradley

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I honestly don't hate it, but I'd be disappointed coming away with only Winovich at EDGE from this class.  

I really don't think the Raiders are trading up either.  They have so many holes I'd bet they stand pat.

With that being said, you've filled pretty much every hole.  I'd love to see both Adderly and Hooker in the defensive backfield together.  Fant would make 12 very happy.

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Pretty good draft, if we can still get those players with the trade back. 

I hate Benny Snell though. That’s the only pick I actively dislike. He never impressed me on film (cough-YouTube/watching kentucky  games) and his combine backs up what I thought about him. I’d take a different late round flier at RB, myself. And I really don’t see the need for Alec Ingold, but whatever it’s a 7th round pick. 

All your picks down to Amani Hooker rock, though. 

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I would be disappointed as well.  Ford trade, ok with.  Cuts, on board with.  Crowder as the only outside FA, I would be disappointed with that.  Resigning Wilkerson, Breeland and Allison, I could live with, no Ryan for $3m.  Draft is ok, doesn't wow me or piss me off.  I would hope they would have done better.  Thanks for the mock and different twist.

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20 hours ago, Cheesehead430 said:

Hate to see Tramon leave but hes been passed up on the depth chart by younger guys and is just not worth his salary at his age.  

Not sure exactly who's passed up Tramon on the depth chart - the name escapes me - but, if anybody did, he'd have to be younger as TW is the oldest we got :)

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3 hours ago, AlexGreen#20 said:


Tre Lamar is TERRIBLE. He moves like he has cement on his feet. I dont see what anyone see in this guy other than a hard hitter and great size. His movement skills makes him almost indraftable imo

Cody Ford would do bad in our system. He would thrive how the Patriots use their mammoth OT Trent Brown.

I also feel at 12 there is no way we are not getting one of  Sweat, Burns, White, Ferrell, Gary or Oliver. 

The good. Im really high on Noah Fant

I'm high on James Crowder.

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11 hours ago, GHARMON9 said:

I also feel at 12 there is no way we are not getting one of  Sweat, Burns, White, Ferrell, Gary or Oliver. 

Bosa.  Allen.  Q. Williams.  Gone.

2 QB's likely to go.  Murray/Haskins

1 OT will go.  Ford/ J. Williams/ Taylor  Maybe even 2.

Guessing one corner goes.  G. Williams.

Sweat, White, Gary, Oliver, Burns, Ferrell.

Right there is a list of 13.  One of them will be there.

Guessing it is Ferrell.  Second guess is Burns.

GB is in a good position at #12 to get a very good prospect.

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I feel like our OLB's are still hurting.  IMO Sackrell is not a full time starting linebacker.  I could be completely wrong on that though.


At first I thought you cut MVS and was really wondering why, then I realized you just have him as EVS :)


Thanks for the work!  Always like reading mocks!

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