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Be a man, make a homer prediction.


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8 minutes ago, mistakey said:

hows that not realistic?  he had 3700 last year in 13 games and got OBJ this year, 2nd year in kitchens system, add hunt in for the last 8 games 

Because Im very well documented for believing the Browns will be a much heavier run based team than a spread passing type team like the Saints/Falcons/Packers.

I just dont believe he will have enough chances to reach that point. Plus, teams that hit that mark means usually have bad defenses that they have to keep throwing in the game. The Browns will have a very good defense that wont require a crap ton a high scoring matches to win games. 

Its not that Baker cant, its just that I dont think he will have enough chances to do so considering the offensive structure and strength of the defense.

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