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Be a man, make a homer prediction.


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10 hours ago, Heinz D. said:

Khalil Mack leads the league in sacks.

He and Roquan Smith are both in the discussion for DPOY.

Anthony Miller makes the Pro Bowl. 

That's three, I guess. My bad. 

I actually find most of these believable. Anthony Miller making the pro bowl would really surprise me though. 

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3 hours ago, Art_Vandalay said:


I thought the post was funny, guys ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Wentz, who tore his ACL and broke his back on the prior play,  throws a game-winning TD in the Super Bowl to beat Nick Foles and the Jags

How about that lol

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10 hours ago, uk9erfan said:

Jimmy G starts all 16 games and throws the same amount of TDs as he does INTs. 

The Niners finish 8-8 but all their games are nail biters. 

Their defense has as many sacks as they do INTs. 

Arent you expecting sacks?

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