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Other Games/Teams Thread

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12 minutes ago, -Hope- said:

i mean, the colts are starting essentially the guy they planned on being their 3rd string quarterback. if we had to start brian hoyer we'd probably also be struggling that way

I understand and you are right but hey it's the NFL. 

Sure we didn't plan on starting Douglas at OG or having 3 kickers this year. 

Or be without Davis, Walker and Casey throwing to Raymond and Firkser (knowing Art it might have been the plan lol). 

Do what you gotta do. They had chances to win and didn't. Those red zone calls with timeouts were very questionable. 

Loss won't have an asterisk saying w/o Brissett. Lol 

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I get a real 2017 to mid-2018 Jared Goff feel from Jimmy G. Will be interesting to see if Shanahan can stay ahead of defenses in a way that McVay hasn’t been able to this year.

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