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Sign Antonio Brown?


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11 hours ago, malagabears said:

He has worn out his welcome now with 2 teams. He is on the wrong side of 30 and believes his own bullsh**. Wouldn't take him for free.

Apparently not with Belicheat who'll sign anyone he believe can help him win one more time.

When AB tweeted telling Oakland to release him I had stinking kind of suspicion his agent already had this deal already lined up.

My thinking is once AB got to Oakland and experienced that mess and realized how much longer it would take to fix it he was already scheming some way to get himself out of it.  It was all just a little too off the wall even for him and all to convenient NE came riding to his rescue.

Goddell should look into tampering but of course he won't.  The Pats are one of his NFL Cash Cows.

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