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Bought a Camaro LT1


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So I had a 2012 V6 Camaro that I drove till 2016 and traded it for a 2016 RS V6.  Seven years of driving a V6.  The 2012 was the best-looking but it was the slowest.  325HP but it just didn't go.  The 2016 was a night and day improvement in terms of acceleration and handling.  It was also smaller, leaner and had a much more aggressive transmission.  But it was still a V6.

So Chevy announced this new LT1 trim and I thought if I could find a good deal, I'd go for it.  I found one locally for $33k and made the deal.  The price of the SS comes from all the track-ready parts they put it on it as standard equipment instead of options.  So that puts the 1SS pretty close to $40k.  Of course you can always haggle and hold out for a promo sale but insurance is based off MSRP rather than sale price.

The V8 is awesome.  I'm finally driving a car that sounds right and the torque is everywhere on this thing.  It doesn't need high RPMs to pull.  Just the sound of a V8 starting up even with the standard exhaust is magical.  And of course the 445HP and 455 foot pounds of torque.  The engine from the Corvette in a mid-range priced sports car.  I haven't had the radio on once since I bought it.

So anyway here's what it looks like.  Chevy went with the less aggressive Turbo 4/V6 refresh grill on it but if I get the inclination I can always swap it for the SS grill.  I'll for sure be getting spoiler for it.



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1 minute ago, Dome said:

If it’s good enough for Jay Cutler it’s good enough for anyone.

I want to get a Jeep Gladiator, but those things are stupid expensive right now - they're selling like $5,000 OVER MSRP. 

No thanks, no thanks at all.

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2 minutes ago, Calvert28 said:

Trying to find a deal on a gladiator overland or Rubicon or a Rebel 12. 

Pretty much every Rubicon I've seen is north of $60k. I want one with bigger tires, suspension, etc - so that spikes the price up to $70+.

With that kinda money, I could buy a Raptor.

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