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Wisconsin Badgers Thread | Fick got the Axe back


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In order to be at a contending level next year, Fickell needs to hit the portal on the front 7, just brutal there. Peterson might be the only one there even worth having in an NFL camp. Just big, unathletic bodies left and right.

Was fun to see a spread offense, though I thought the attack was pretty tame, minimal vertical threats other than the one Bell blew.

Overall that was a 3 loss team out there, hopefully they improve. Wasn't really too impressed other than the run blocking and the backs, which has always been the case here.

Fickell should just play some of the young guys this year. Guys like Alexander Smith, Latu, the entire senior DL class, Furtney, they're just leftovers from the past taking up space.

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1 hour ago, incognito_man said:

He needs some work. Not what you want from a 6th year college QB 

I don't disagree but the Bell drop really changed everything. Mordechai doesn't throw the first pick and there's a good chance he isn't still in the game for the second if that ball is caught but it is what it is. 

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