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Report: NFL has discussed moving the Chargers to London


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I should note that the article goes on to say that nobody has contacted the Spanos family about this. 


PFT thinks that the ulterior motive to this story is to force Shad Khan and the Jags to publicly declare they won't move there as some believe they have the de facto right of refusal to the move because he also happens to own a London soccer/football team

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Imagine a division title London team that plays in the wild card round. They win, and then in a week have to go to KC or whatever for the divisional. Or a team goes to London, beats them, and has to come all the way back for another road game. It would be hell on Earth 

A video recently came out depicting all the behind the scenes logistics that goes on for a team going to London to play a game. It's done months in advance though since they obviously know the date. 

The NFL needs to drop the London idea. Don't see how it's practical, unless we have Star Trek transporter tech.

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