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Minor Niner News Twos: Electric Boogaloos


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70 receptions in college. We seem to have Sanders, Samuel, and little else at WR. Maybe give him some looks as a slot WR. Kind of a do it all guy, in terms of goal line back and slot duties. Jeff probably won't win many battles on deep go or slants, but underneath, he can be effective.... maybe. :/ 

.. and by slot, I don't mean he needs to start off at slot. Just put him in the backfield, and shift him out pre-snap to get a non-CB lined up on him. :P 

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2 hours ago, Chrissooner49er said:

Just 3 less than Buck and Ford put together! Man, if Dee was healthy.......

I’d like to see his snap count compared to the other league leaders as well. I can’t imagine he’s played nearly as many snaps.

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So this is fun:

The 2019 49ers have scored 332 points through 11 games. How does this stack up to some previous seasons? Let's take a look...

Point totals Per Year

  • 2018 - 342 points. 10 points away from tying this total
  • 2017 - 331 points. Already scored more
  • 2016 - 309 points. Already scored more
  • 2015 - 238 points. Already scored more
  • 2014 - 306 points. Already scored more
  • 2013 - 406 points. 74 points away from tying this total. This is also the most points scored in a 49ers' season since 2001. 

To sum up, we've outscored 4 of our past 6 season's total points scored. It's only week 11...

We're currently on pace to score 482 points. This would do the following:

  • Score 2nd most points in 2019. If averages stay the same.
  • Outscore any of our Jim Harbaugh teams. The highest scoring Jim Harbaugh team (2013 at 406 pts.) would be outscored by 73 points. 
  • Score the most points in team history. It would be Mooch's 1998 team, which scored 479. 


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6 hours ago, y2lamanaki said:

This team and injury luck....my word...


I feel bad for Moore, but Im kinda excited to see Valoaga get a shot in the rotation. His preseason was spectacular, I'm really surprised he didnt get scooped up at any point. 


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