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GDT Week 15: Denver Broncos @ Kansas City Chiefs: Drewcember is here!

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Ok time for a new GDT and @iLikeDefense bows out.  

At this point it’s easier to ID guys to start the nest GDT - @germ-x, @broncos67 @BroncosFan2010 @broncos_fan _from _uk @AKRNA @jsthomp2007 & @Counselor - feel free to fire up a thread - doesn’t need to be a big thing (but could be 2 weeks with the lowly Lions coming to town lol).  

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6 hours ago, broncos67 said:

As previously mentioned, I think Lock's mobility is masking some of Bolles deficiencies in a way that Flacco couldn't. I won't overreact to a few improved games, as Bolles has done this through his career- highs, followed by lows. With Denver picking likely Top 12, I think all options should be on the table to upgrade if possible. Bolles is a league average player at the moment, IMO.

Bolles is a raging dumpster fire. The only reason he's still on this team is because we have a losing record and he's surrounded by other dumpsters that are also on fire.

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