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Who’s worse Hue or Freddie?

brownie man

Who’s worse   

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  1. 1. Who’s the worse HC

    • Hueeeeey
    • Freddie

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I’ve been thinking long and hard about this.

And as hard as it pains me to say it Ive got to say Freddie 

and it boils down to the fact they’ve quit on him. It took 3 years for the team to quit on Hue. I’ll give them than they didn’t quit on him till 2018. We were in a lot of games late in 16 and 17 we just couldn’t finished. With Freddie we’re down 14-0 before the 2nd quarter.  We went to a lot of OTs with Hue they didn’t quit Except for Kenny Britt he was never in it. 

but even with Hue like when we had Cody Kesller he at least formed the offense to suit his strengths. Freddie right now is doing the complete opposite of what we’re supposed to do with Baker. No quick game at all and they’re still not getting the plays in. 

but yeah I think sadly if we had Hue right now he’d be an upgrade over Freddie, but it’d be close. 

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What is ... is not always...

What has been ... may not be again....

Time, Forces, and How we respond to them change what we ultimately become...

Hue Jackson and anyone that knew Hue knew that he was one of the worst people possible on the planet to hire if the plan was to achieve historic losing and go historically young in a rebuild. There are people that thrive in winning environments and when things are progressing forward, and there are those that come unraveled at the seems under the weight of losing. 

Kobe Bryant talks about it all the time when referring to basketball when he says, "some coaches are amazing with a young roster helping them develop and play above expectations, but you take those same coaches and they're complete sh*t when they have players with tremendous ability and veteran players that require a different set of interpersonal, leadership, and coaching skill."

Hue completely unraveled under the weight of things his the 2nd year: publicly violating all the basic rules of team representing to the media that the players weren't good enough or that the team was "not equipped" to win. Even if a coach thinks that, you can never come out and say those things or you lose the little faith one has. He threw chum chum to the media headline and frenzy machine constantly, his play-calling showed a lack of patience and he pressed trying to go all out with Deshone Kizer when he wasn't prepared to play at that level.

Contrary to popular belief, Hue never blamed anyone the 1st year and the game plans given the personnel had logic. It was the 2nd year when everything got nuts.

What I think is true is that if you switched positions between Freddie and Hue, Freddie would've had more success than Hue in a similar position while Hue would have had much greater success than Freddie if this was his 2nd year with this type of talent. Hue's messaging rides of the positivity of wins and the moment and works with veterans, but it was not built to weather the storm of our moneyball designs. Freddie has the emotional intelligence and public discipline (somewhat so far) to have worked and taught younger players.

At the peak of their powers, Hue far outpaces Freddie as an offensive play-caller and utilization of a diversity of offensive weapons.

Hue year 1 vs. Freddie year 1 as HC aren't much different. The difference is the talent around the team. Freddie in the same situation as Hue would've been substantially better and though he might've not one that many more games the culture and mentality of the players would've been healthier and better under Freddie. Joe Thomas said it best, he said "everyone in Cleveland knew the team was tanking in an epic fashion. Everyone in the building knew the front office put us in the best position to lose. It was pure misery knowing that there's a plan in place to lose in an unprecedented fashion, but the difference between the Browns and a tanking team like the Bengals and Dolphins is that the Browns had rookie QBs that weren't highly thought of as well as a full roster of youth." 

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Easy.  Freddie.

Hue had us in the playoff hunt in Nov and really got the best out of his talent.  He never threw players under the bus and I can’t think of a time he didn’t win against lower tier teams.  

He also always spoke the truth and kept his promises to the fans. 


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17 minutes ago, Kiwibrown said:

I remember thinking year 1 of his  reign of terror, especially the first 6 weeks weren't poorly coached.a part from game 1. 

He got a lot out of kessler which no one else has done.

Or opposing defenses knew Kessler performing was better than Crow running well. 

hue was a bad in game coach and a horrible coach towards his players. Freddie is a bad in game coach but at least he hasn’t turned on his players or ever thrown them under the bus. You know hue would have thrown Baker Garrett and Monken under the bus by now

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