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2020 Packer Forum Dynasty League (Discussion/Rules)


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Yeah, I'm genuinely sorry everyone. 

I've had the most chaotic few weeks of my adult life. It's not an excuse to be absent, I'm just trying to make ya'll aware of where I've been. I also got a new phone appoximately three weeks ago and that's why I haven't received any of the push notifications from Sleeper. 

Let's schedule the draft and I'll double the league winner to $40. 

I have to work tonight, but let's get the league in order the next  few days and plan on drafting in the next 10-15 days if that sounds good to everyone?

@JBURGE @ChaRisMa @CombOver @Lieker @Bieker1 @PandaSquadAlpha @Dwade1001 @chucknorris101 @ajdodge09 @DannyB @squire12 @Cadmus @Packerraymond @KingOfTheNorth

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1 hour ago, squire12 said:

Ok.  How long I got? Im working 7 to 330 today and sleeper website is blocked at work.


I can pause it for you, if you really want to make the pick... Or you can tell me on here and I can assign the pick for you. 

Players already selected are 

Clyde Edwards-Helaire

Jonathan Taylor

JK Dobbins

D'Andre Swift

Cam Akers

Henry Ruggs

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2 minutes ago, Packerraymond said:

Could try the app too if you get a minute to peak at your phone.

app drags my phone battery down to crap.  constant notifications and whatnot.   I will try to look at it again over lunch


I also do not carry my phone with me during the day.  it is at my desk and I check that between patient visits, but that can be anywhere from 2-4 hours in gaps.

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