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Broncos sign OL Graham Glasgow (4 year, $44M deal, $25M gt'd)


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7 minutes ago, BroncoBruin said:

Gives them flexibility going into the draft too. I think they'd be okay going into the season with Risner-Glasgow-Wilkinson. But the second round could also be a sweet spot to take a center and kick Glasgow to RG. 

Apparently his best season was at RG. Very solid, no sacks just 3 hurries.

Center could be a battle between our two TCU centers, Schlottman and Morris. 

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It's a calculated risk, but frankly, if there's a reason to be optimistic besides having Munchak - it's Glasgow's both been durable AND he's still young.    Entering his age-27, there's every reason to hope he will still be at peak levels of play for 2021-23, and the first 2 years, which are fully guaranteed.

Now, he is a FAR better player in a zone blocking scheme; he really struggled in a man/gap scheme in his sophomore year.    But he's got the footwork / agility and smarts to help overcome some of his power deficiencies.  And he's a pretty clear upgrade on a declining Leary (duh).   

Now, the $ is steep - that's the reality with the cap $ increases.   I'm totally OK if this is the only major signing we make today or tomorrow (although I'm not going to object if we get a Hargraves/Reader either).   But the $ #'s are going to be a little nuts, it's why the cap figure of 50M is deceiving - we likely are getting maybe 1 more top-3 type FA at a key position, if Elway wants to make a splash - then I suspect we're hitting mid-level tier more for the rest.

I agree that this move also gives Elway the flexibility to get either a C or G on Day 2/Rd 4 at the draft.  I would not be surprised to see that go down at all.

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