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NFL Draft Round 1 Discussion


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6 minutes ago, LETSGOBROWNIES said:

Think back to trading down with Baltimore and watching them select Ngata.


Ohh, I remember. And then I remember trying to convince myself that Babatunde Oshinowo was a nice consolation price.

... Can't believe I remembered how to spell that dude's name.

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1 minute ago, sdrawkcab321 said:

I would. We have more pressing needs than a backup OT. Assuming we take one at 10. 

If we take one at 10 then perhaps not, but if we trade for Trent and take him to develop as his replacement then I’d be ok with it.

Not my first option (or second, or..) though.

IMO just take the tackle at 10 and be done with it unless a guy like Okudah or Simmons happens to fall.

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Offensive lineman play into their mid 30s. Taking Cleveland in the first 2 rounds is useless. By the time Trent is ready to retire we’d have to make a decision on paying a guy who we’ve barely seen play. And in the meantime we’d have wasted a valuable pick that could have been used on someone who will actually play. Id rather just draft a tackle in a few years to replace Williams. If that’s the direction we go. 

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