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2021 NFL Draft Prospects

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1 hour ago, Ray Reed said:

They way they've played the past 8 weeks once they've settled in I'm honestly not that worried about the IOL. I could see a C or G in rounds 4/5 but I would be just fine with our opening day OL next year being


with our interior OL depth being TCC/Bredeson/draft pick/Skura

I agree partially.

I think it’s definitely true that IOL is a position where we can absolutely get by and afford to take some gambles with. We coach the position up well and we’ve got enough talent to get by. That said, our OL is winning in part to scheme. Pulling guys to get a numbers advantage her, misdirection in the backfield to get DL off balance there, etc. I think a good sign of how average to above average the IOL is shows up 4th and 1 type short yardage situations, where it’s man on man and we need to move the LOS forward and they struggle with moving the LOS forward. Generally at least one is allowing backwards penetration and another is neutral.

We can’t consistently say, when in doubt, run behind x player up the gut. Mekari I agree still has plenty of potential along the inside. If he could just focus on being an IOL, I like his chances at possible Pro Bowl form.

But looking at Wyatt Davis push back those Alabama guys in short yardage situations was certainly a treat.

But yeah, considering what we’ve got along the IOL, no way am I choosing to ignore getting Lamar another weapon to enhance our IOL unless it’s a clear and obvious BPA type situation. The need for a natural high point specialist who, even on a terrible read and throw from Lamar- like we saw on Sunday, could potentially make him look like a savant as opposed to a “dimbass.” Hollywood Brown and Andrews are the only receivers that easily and smoothly tracks the ball deep, Andrews being the only one that is a natural high point option.

In terms of Yannick, I disagree. He’s made a clear and obvious impact for the defense. Notice how quickly QBs are getting rid of the football now. They rarely are just making s’mores back in the pocket against us anymore. They’re finally looking to get the ball out within 3 seconds time (or less). Even considering their quicker releases, Ngakoue has come desperately close to finishing. I think as we come across QBs who are more willing to hold onto the football, we could see dividends with Ngakoue.

Josh Allen is such a QB, it will be interesting to see how Yannick performs in this game. He’s goiNg up against a Pro Bowl level LT in Dion Dawkins. If he still gives Allen the business, he’s worth his weight in gold.

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In terms of draft needs the way I see it is:

Tier 1:
#1 Playmaker
- While ideally getting a #1 playmaker is most ideal for our WR position... we can cultivate enough pass game explosiveness with an elite TE option as well.

Picking as low as we will (at this point) will likely see us in a position where Smith, Chase, Waddle, and Bateman are all off the board. Rondale Moore isn’t a Lamar Jackson fit; he’s fast and explosive with some DJ Moore to him, but his hands aren’t quite as good and he’s even worse at high pointing than DJ (who could do it, but didn’t have the natural hands to widely extend. DJ was more Torrey Smith in that aspect). Ideally Moore goes high as well, since we don’t need his type of WR ability (we have that in Duvernay). 

So we’re talking Chris Olave, Tylan Wallace, and MAYBE Terrace Marshall. You easily take Pat Friermuth over all those options except Olave; who is basically a poor man’s DeVonta Smith. Olave lacks the same measure of toughness, elite length, and play strength as Smith... but he will high point the football, has great route releases, great hands, and silky routes. Combined with the fact that he’ll be drafted at only 20 years old (Smith is 22) and Olave or Friermuth should be our two most intriguing options at the bottom of round 1 IMO. Both could also be potential trade down and still get them type of options depending on the board.

Tier 2:


I think all three spots are positions that we legitimately need an elite option added to the fold to improve the unit. However all three are also positions spots where we’ve found an ability to scheme guys to success in some respects.

I’d still probably put some space between the needs. While edge is in a more barren spot, than safety, I think with the pressure we put on our corners we at least need to introduce a true cover 1 option that can patrol the backend and strike fear in the likes of Mahomes, Allen, Watson, Lawrence, etc. Ed Reed was always a cheat code against the last generation of top QBs. Someone that can provide 75-80% of Reed would be an absolute godsend.

Tier 3:

Obvious tertiary needs. All these are indirect needs that would set us up well for future depth. Identifying the next Webb, Young, and D.Williams (yet keeping him in house smh) will be important. IDL we should still have quality depth next season returning our entire IDL, however the time is ticking. Ideally Washington steps up, but even then identifying another Michael Pierce at NT or lengthy run stopper with pass rushing traits would do the depth well. Jihad Ward returning on a cheap deal would help however.

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We probably have room for one big external FA signing/trade after re-signing Ngakoue and IMO that should either be a safety or WR, with the position left out then being the top priority for the draft. 

IOL and EDGE are positions that we should probably just be taking swings at near the top of our draft board every year regardless, you can never have enough good offensive linemen or pass rushers. But compared to WR or safety I'd argue we're much closer to being 'good enough' there and thus we don't need to prioritize premium assets there in the way we should for making our secondary whole or giving Lamar an elite outside receiver. 

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Update EOS Playmaker Rankings

 🌟💫(4.75 stars)
All Pro Ability, High Versatility

1. DeVonta Smith = Longer Stefon Diggs/Chad Johnson
Smith’s soundtrack in my mind is the Regina Spektor song from Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, The Call;

“It started out as a feeling
Which then grew into a hope
Which then turned into a quiet thought
Which then turned into a quiet word
And then that word grew louder and louder
'Til it was a battle cry
I'll come back
When you call me
No need to say goodbye.

Only thing is there is absolute need to say goodbye now. I went from being convinced that he was possibly better than the Jeudy/Ruggs combo from last season because he was on key downs the biggest playmaker, but I figured maybe that was because those guys saw the defense’s best. Then he embarrassed Stingley Jr 1v1, but again I thought perhaps Stingley just had a freshman performance. I hoped Smith would declare and we’d get him on day 2 of the draft. Alas once Waddle went down, it sealed Smith’s fate to never be a Raven. Just as long as he doesn’t go to a division or conference rival. This will hurt worse than Chubb.

2. Kyle Pitts = Jimmy Graham
Pitts isn’t quite as physical as Darren Waller, a little more finesse to his game. But he’s got better hands than peak Jimmy Graham plus is a superior blocker and thus should be only matched by Waller in athleticism at the TE position... even if other guys have greater polish.

(4.5 stars)
Fringe AP Ability, Limited Versatility

3. Jamar Chase = Juju Smith-Schuster
Obviously JJSS isn’t an All Pro option, but Chase’ playstyle and frame most reminds me of his. Chase looks faster however. Probably mid 4.4s, giving him additional upside, but I’d personally be weary of drafting him in the top 10. He doesn’t create space with route releases and route running, but hand fighting and physicality like AJ Brown, JJSS, and Nuk. Not all QBs will want to throw into tight coverage windows, trusting Chase’ physicality to win at the top of the route. Which I feel limits his versatility some.

💫(4.25 stars)
Pro Bowl Ability, High Versatility

4. Jaylen Waddle = Tyreek Hill
Not quite AP high on Waddle. I’ve noticed his hands are probably closer to Jeudy than Smith and his route releases are closer to Ruggs than Smith/Jeudy. But he’s got better wiggle and open field vision/ability than all those WRs other than Jeudy. He’s also just as fast as Ruggs. You can’t teach that level of generational speed and agility. However if he can develop his route releases and running, he’d be unstoppable. Though if the guys in this tier, I find Waddle least likely to reach his potential.

5. Justyn Ross = Allen Robinson
Very dependable hands, good route releases and route runner, physical, great hands fighter, awesome high point ability. Similar to Robinson they’re probably in that Larry Fitzgerald mold, but just not quite as good. Still a really good #1 WR option when healthy.

6a. Chris Olave = Stefon Diggs
First surprise in the rankings I’m sure. Olave has fantastic route releases and route running; creates easy separation. He’s shown great, but not elite hands. He’s IMO a poor man’s DeVonta Smith or a younger Stefon Diggs. Major difference between them is Diggs/Smith have greater toughness. Olave will attack the ball in the air, but a nice hit can cause him to drop it. His play strength and toughness leave room to be desired. 

That said, Olave will be drafted at only 20; possibly the youngest WR in the draft. He comes into the league as a #2 WR type, but like Diggs I can see upside as a potential #1 WR option. I see limited bust potential with Olave in comparison to the other WRs left available.

6b. Pat Friermuth = Jason Witten
Quality movement skills in the open field. He’s got physicality, toughness, and YAC ability. He’s not a special high point artist because of his limited explosive ability, probably a sub 30” vertical leap. He’s also kind of soft as a blocker. But he’s great at identifying zone coverages. Manipulates defenders with great route running. Some have compared him to Gronk, I see it if I’m watching his highlight tape. I probably see more of a young Jason Witten who can break some tackles in the open field, but won’t look as imposing against NFL athletes (like Gronk) as he did against collegiate athletes. Still not as good a leaper as young Witten however.

 (4.0 Stars)
Fringe PB Ability

8. Rashod Bateman = Michael Gallup
I don’t hate Bateman, but I don’t think he’s quite as good as some. He’s not elite in the open field, he’s not possessed of elite athletic tools, he’s not an elite catch radius guy, his route running/release isn’t elite. He does have elite hands however (better than Gallup). I just don’t see enough with Bateman that convinces me that he will consistently be in the PB conversation. He’s more Jack of all trades IMO that could sneak in a couple times in his career.

9. Rondale Moore = Percy Harvin
Moore certainly runs like a tank for his size and speed. I worry about durability with him. Also his hands looked RB level suspect on some tape I’ve seen. Moore could develop his game further, but considering his strengths and weaknesses, it shouldn’t matter he’s not the best fit for Lamar IMO.

   🌟 💫 (3.75 stars)
Quality Starter

10. Tylan Wallace = Derrick Mason
Wallace just misses out IMO on the above level. I just don’t see quite enough athleticism or traits that make me elevate him there. He could get lucky, but otherwise I just see a very steady performer night in and night out. He attacks the football in the air at a high level. Route release is good, jump ball is good, good play strength. Just has limited upside and the history of knee issues within his family are concerning.

11. Terrace Marshall = Justyn Ross
Still not too sure what to make of Marshall. I struggle scouting these LSU receivers. Probably a poor man’s Justyn Ross. Might be faster but not as route precise. Hands aren’t quite as good either.

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Well I definitely don’t know how to adjust the size of font under this new forum update... oh well. It’ll just have to stay like that. I guess it’ll be easier to locate in the future with how huge that font is. 😂 

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40 minutes ago, diamondbull424 said:

Well I definitely don’t know how to adjust the size of font under this new forum update... oh well. It’ll just have to stay like that. I guess it’ll be easier to locate in the future with how huge that font is. 😂 

On desktop at least, its the button 2 to the left of the new(-ish) GIF finder


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48 minutes ago, drd23 said:

On desktop at least, its the button 2 to the left of the new(-ish) GIF finder


Yeah, that’s been removed as an option for me on my iPad with this new update. But I also haven’t been on desktop/laptop in... well, sometime. Used to have that available, but not anymore.

No big deal, I suppose.

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7 hours ago, DreamKid said:

I think you mean Powers, right? Mekari is at C.

Our system can take some lesser pieces and make it work so to speak, but at this point none of Bozeman, Mekari, Powers, and certainly not Skura are what I would consider 'plus' talents on the interior. And often times a line is only as good as the sum of it's parts. I mean some of our bigger recent losses are marked with the distinct failure/collapse of our interior offensive line. Roman won't be here forever either, and he's obviously been a big factor in getting the most out of these guys. Adding high end pieces to your offensive line is never a bad strategy. While I don't think demanding another KO/Yanda level duo is necessary or even possible, I do think an investment is really needed in that area. 

Along this note, I was just watching the NextGenStates game review for the Titans game. When our offense wasn’t using motion, we only averaged a pathetic 2.8 YPC; we run some sort of motion on 70% of plays.

I know most of the league is using motion, but still, I’ve got to think the IOL is a big reason for the limited YPC when running straight up.. as you allude to here. If we can find an elite IOL option, it would certainly be of much benefit. We can rely less on scheme and more on just exceptional OL talent.

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1 hour ago, drd23 said:

 Dan Brugler has us taking Joseph Ossai, EDGE, Texas in the 1st and Amon-Ra St Brown, WR, USC in the 2nd in his latest mock for The Athletic.  Thoughts?


Obviously Ossai is someone I think would be a great fit for the Ravens. He’s basically a rich man’s Tyus Bowser or a poor man’s Von Miller. Definite PB level ability. His bowl game against Tyler Huntley’s Utah squad was just about one of the most dominant performances I’ve ever seen from a collegiate defensive player.

With ARSB, I think he should be a quality NFL WR, but I don’t like his fit with Lamar- at all. He’s a quick and fast WR, however I dislike his route releases, I don’t feel he gets enough initial separation for a player with his strengths and thus he sees far too many contest catch situations. Which leads me to why he wouldn’t be a fit, he doesn’t look to attack the ball at it’s zenith. He’s sort of like a John Brown where he’s going to make the business decision and simply not attack the ball within the air.

He’s got speed and quickness and above average hands, so get him within the right system and I could see him being a 800 yd type receiver. If he improves his route release than maybe he could even be a 1000 yd type guy. I personally wouldn’t take him on the Ravens before round 3 however. For another team I could see him being a solid 2nd round guy. Maybe a slightly slower John Brown, with a worse release.

EDIT: Hilarious, Amon-Ra’s dad’s name is actually John Brown, makes sense. 😂 

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3 hours ago, diamondbull424 said:

With ARSB, I think he should be a quality NFL WR, but I don’t like his fit with Lamar- at all. He’s a quick and fast WR, however I dislike his route releases, I don’t feel he gets enough initial separation for a player with his strengths and thus he sees far too many contest catch situations.

Sounds like a perfect fit for the Ravens

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16 hours ago, SalvadorsDeli said:

We probably have room for one big external FA signing/trade after re-signing Ngakoue and IMO that should either be a safety or WR, with the position left out then being the top priority for the draft. 

That makes sense, and following this logic a Marcus Williams signing could be on the horizon. His role in the Minneapolis Miracle aside, at 24yo he's one of the best true FS in the league. Bit of a down season thus far but that'll only serve to keep his price tag lower in FA. He'd essentially step right into the role vacated by Earl Thomas and would round out the 25 & under core we've already cooked up on the back end(Marlon,Deshon,Chuck).

Shutting down Henry the way we did was beautiful, but at the end of the day coverage is king now and EDC knows that. If we want to maintain a dominant secondary, investments are needed. Justin Simmons probably gets the massive contract out of the FA safeties, and I can see DeCosta swooping in on a reasonable sum for someone like Williams. Maybe the Thomas move backfired but he was following the right team philosophy and obviously at 24 with no off field flags that I'm aware of Williams is much a safer bet. 


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