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22 hours ago, Epyon said:

As someone with Mahomes and CEH on my FF team, I'm pretty satisfied with tonight's game.

I will say it's really weird looking at KC and knowing that we run the exact same offensive scheme as they do, to such dramatically and tragically different results.


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Man if they stay healthy I don’t see how KC doesn’t repeat.  They are in another class offensively.

If I was playing them I would never punt unless it was 4 and 4 or more deep on my own side of field.   And I would only kick field goals if it was long yardage to get first down as well.

Otherwise they are going to outscore you.  Their defense isn’t that great, it isn’t bad, but you can score on them.  But you can’t keep them from scoring.


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Isaiah Wilson for Titans.  Wow.  He is making some decisions.

Went out and got Covid.  Okay, maybe that is accident.  But ...

He went to a college party and did something to get in trouble there.   

Decided to drive and do donuts in street while drunk or having had drinks anyways.



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1 hour ago, JAF-N72EX said:

If Fangio was the HC of this team after that horrendous clock management, fans would be hunting him with pitchforks. 

True. Lesson here is, don't underestimate the power of Club Dub. 


Seriously though, Nagy needs to be better with that. It was a terrible error for a 3rd year HC. Hopefully he learns from it and outs it behind him. 

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