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Zac Taylor’s Culture and Future

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32 minutes ago, SmittyBacall said:

I gotta say, I’ve been loving the team energy lately. Everyone is noticeably more hype and confident. Say what you will about ZT, but the team seems to be buying into his program.

Most always have.  We just got to hear the malcontents scream the loudest.  I'm not blaming Dunlap, as it was never clear as to whether his vitriol was pointed at Taylor, or as I believe, Lou Anarumo.  Ross hasn't been wanted since he got here.  Marvin openly didn't want him.  Taylor tried, but he got hurt, and that was that.


The rest was just speculation.

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1 hour ago, Johnny Nix said:

I will say this draft class is showing a lot of promise. Could be one of our best in a long time.

Burrow - Pleased as can be
Higgins - Looks like he could be a true #1
Wilson - Don't like the injuries, but has looked solid in his PT, especially for a rookie
ADG - Showing promise and looks very athletic
Kareem - Haven't really noticed him, I know he has played some though
Adeneiji - May not be a stud, but could be a steal this late if he can even be a serviceable RT, that would be a big upgrade
Bailey - Has he played? Seemed like he had promise in the preseason

As good a draft class as we have had in quite a while based on the early results.  We need a similarly good class next year that gets us more oline help and a pass rusher next year.

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49 minutes ago, Johnny Nix said:

If Zac loses out I think the Bengals have to think long and hard about making some changes 

if it were up to me, I’d fire him now and see what Simmons can do. 

Do you want Sewell or someone else.  Zav staying almost locks it.  Simmons, not as secure.


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4 hours ago, Johnny Nix said:

He won’t be a head coach again for awhile if he gets fired. He should have been an OC first 

Certainly,  but there are things about him i like and with more experience and a more experienced staff I think there might be something there. However,  the stench of awful can be difficult to get over without success elsewhere. 

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He's so fireproof, he could be made of asbestos. Mike Brown won't fire Taylor after this season because it would mean admitting he made a mistake in his hiring. MB hates that so any and all excuses will be clutched at. Taylor getting Burrow injured will be spun as he lost his franchise QB through nobody's fault and you can't judge a coach without his QB, right?

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3 hours ago, SmittyBacall said:

ZT out or what?

I think he'll get another year, right wrong or otherwise.

Personally i'm on the fence.  He's went through some stuff that would make it hard for any coach to win.  But on the other hand, a great coach would have found a way to win with this squad, at least some games.  We also knew that he was extremely green coming in, and that we would see some issues at first.

I definitely need to see results by next year or i'd like to see him gone.  This year, convince me otherwise i guess.

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