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Zac Taylor’s Culture and Future

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17 hours ago, Beck Bristow said:

We probably should have kept him to begin with. Feels like righting a wrong.

Absolutely.  He asked to be released when he saw the staff of friends/relatives Taylor was assembling.


Glad he's back

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On 1/9/2021 at 5:43 PM, Johnny Nix said:

Frank Pollack brought back as OL coach.

I was happy to see this too.  Thought he did a good job with what he had when he was around.  This is a solid second place trophy for whiffing bad on the opportunity to bring in Callahan last year.

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On 1/9/2021 at 10:04 AM, sparky151 said:

The NFL standings and IR list.

There's a lot of chicken/egg in this argument.  Not saying you're wrong, but it'd be hard to tease out what @SmittyBacall is saying vs. what you're saying.

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1 hour ago, ACO said:

This would be a great get. He had Zeke looking great. I think he could help Mixon get to to the next level.

Great news.  Did he cross paths with Pollack in Dallas?  If so, this goes from a great hire to a grand slam 


Edit:  Just read that they were together for five years.

Sign me up

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