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Week 9 Games


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9 hours ago, 40Year Pack Fan said:

Well, if any thing it's reassuring....The Bucs can be badly beaten even with the addition of AB....

Also reassuring is that we WON in the same Superdome where Brady and Co. got destroyed.

The cherry on top, though? They didn't give them the garbage time points like we always do and got against San Fran.

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So every single contender except the Steelers have had an ugly beat down on their record.  Is COVID going to equalize the postseason and make it truly anyone’s year?

Because I gotta say... That Bills team... QB on rookie contract.  Recent postseason experience.  If their defense can get back to what it has the potential to be, they’re a legit contender.

Steelers I just don’t know about yet.  Yes they’re undefeated, but last undefeated typically means last with an opportunity to recognize their weakness and adapt to it.

As of right now, all eyes need to be on Kansas City repeating.  A legitimate MVP candidate at QB, a top 3 scoring defense, generally healthy...

Second would be Baltimore.  Jackson works out his dry spell and they are legit.

Third I would say is where the Saints, Buccaneers and Steelers fit in.

Fourth you’ve got that Needs Luck range of Buccaneers, Packers, Bills, Seahawks, etc.

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