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Which teams should NOT consider trading for D. Watson?

Uncle Buck

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4 minutes ago, soflbillsfan said:

Well you assume Jags, Titans, and Colts are out based on them being in the division. If I were the Texans I would say NO to the AFC and trade him to the NFC. Then you look at NFC teams and clear out those who cant afford him or dont need him cause they have a QB. Saints, Eagles, Falcons, Packers, Rams, Vikings, Seattle, Arizona, Tampa (if brady stays for another year), Carolina (paid Bridgewater and has a 20 mil dead cap). Teams that need a QB and have some cap space but are more then just 1 qb away from being a contender Detroit, and NYG. Dallas is a dark horse and wild card as they could make the move because it would be cheaper to pay Watson then it would be to pay Dak and Watson is 10 times better then Dak.  Teams that should go all in on him are Niners, Washington, and Bears make the most sense. Washington and Niners would have the cap space without player casualties. Bears would need to make some moves but then you also wonder who would be his weapons as their top wr is a FA so Watson may be stuck in a position where he was with houston.  These are essentially the teams that would have the cap if need it, the position to take Watson on as overall talent to be a contender, not in Houston's way (AFC) benefit on both sides of a win win trade

1. Niners
2. Washington
3. Bears
4. Cowboys

Houston still wont trade him unless it gets publicly ugly like Yannick and the Jags but I doubt it does get to that point and he stays in Houston.

Da Bears is definitely an interesting thought. Like you I don't think it will happen you just don't see franchise QBs traded. I can't think of an acknowledged "Franchise" Qb being traded in his prime.   

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6 hours ago, Calamity_Cometh said:

Who would you take? Honestly curious, no agenda here. For me, Wilson and maybe Herbert could be argued but I'm pretty sure I would take Watson.


Mahomes, Josh Allen, Lamar

Watson would be 4 for me probably

Russ, Herbert, Murray, Burrow are probably in the same area

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7 hours ago, Tk3 said:

I don't think this is accurate

Don't get me wrong, he would be drafted VERY, VERY highly but he isn't #2

If all 32 teams were presented with that option, I don't think it would be unanimous, but I think he would be most popular choice. Again, I think he offers the most attractive mix of talent/ability (basically how good of a quarterback he is), youth, and track record/proven-ness (again I need to think of a better word, but basically, how confident are you that his level of "good quarterback-ness" will repeat next year, and the next year, and the next year...how reliable is his resumé?).

I'll go through most of the big names of what other names would be considered....


Russell Wilson - I really good choice, would be tough to call it a wrong or bad choice, but ultimately I'll take the few extra years Watson probably has left on his tires

Lamar Jackson - Tantalizing, and I certainly don't fault Ravens fans for sticking with him. That said, I think more highly of Watson as a pocket passer, and while I think it is not only nice, but dang near essential that a quarterback has some wheels these days, I still think ultimately a quarterback HAS to be able to sit in a pocket and pick apart defenses with his arm at a high level in order to be a truly elite franchise quarterback. My hesitancy with Lamar is that he is so quick to go to his legs (and holy lord does he eviscerate defenses when he does), that I'm not sure he'll ever truly reach whatever potential he does have as a pocket passer. Furthermore, I'll just say it...much like LaDainian Tomlinson, he could get injured. But like, really. Again, this is a the foundational investment that will possibly determine the next decade of the franchise. I see Lamar as a riskier proposition than Watson.

Justin Herbert - Another good choice, he's got youth and seemingly has ability, but not enough of the "has proven it" factor. Plus let's see how he looks without certified mastermind Anthony Lynn manning the controls.

Aaron Rodgers - If he seemed like, psychopath-level invested to play at a high level until his AARP card comes in the mail, like that weirdo cyborg Tom Brady, I'd think about it. But I'm not sure that's the case with the guy. I really don't know what to expect from him as he makes the turn to the home stretch of his career. He's got the ability box checked, and the proven box, but the youth ain't on his side.

Josh Allen - The guy I would SERIOUSLY have to think about taking ahead of Watson. He was one of the best quarterbacks in the league this year, and the fact that he might still be improving should be terrifying for the rest of the league. He has the ability set to do anything he wants to basically, but his challenge now is to keep it together between the ears and play within the offensive system as much as possible. The main thing keeping him from #2 is that it was just one year, and in his first two years he showed tendencies and decision making abilities that convinced me there's no way he'd be this good. So I was wrong, but it has yet to be seen whether this year is a high water aberration or the beginning of a stellar career. He's got the ability and youth, but the proven box is unchecked

Joe Burrow - I kinda think he might be the best football player -- nay, sportsman -- that this country has ever seen, but, I do have to admit to myself, he only played half a season and his knee was last seen featured in one of the Saw movies.

Trevor Lawrence - I mean he hasn't even played an NFL game yet. Also, cut your hair you goddamn hippie.

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22 hours ago, DannyB said:

Joe Burrow - I kinda think he might be the best football player -- nay, sportsman -- that this country has ever seen

That's... Pretty bold.

Not disagreeing with your post in general, but this stood out.

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14 minutes ago, pf9 said:

I could see the Panthers giving Watson a try he went to college in the Carolinas namely Clemson, though he grew up closer to the hated Falcons.

Pretty sure it's more than local ties that would motivate the Panthers to want to go from Teddy Bridgewater to Deshaun Watson at QB. 

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