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Jets sign LB Jarrad Davis

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22 minutes ago, JetsandI said:

Ah... His struggling is the reason why one year contract.    It looks like he will be tried at SAM.  He isn't good enough to move Mosley to outside.


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37 minutes ago, Sandwhich2 said:


Looks like he's probably on a spy assignment but still hilarious.

Yeah they went empty so he spied Mahomes lol. Definitely funny as hell tho. 

Or we could say another Lion quitting on Patricia. Both work for me.

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Good pick up here. Worth a shot, has range, and helps with the transition. With the way Saleh was able to put players like him in position to succeed, I can see him having a solid season. 

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1 hour ago, MoLewis57 said:

Can someone help me like this move better?  I feel like the Pats did pretty well today and we are getting this guy. 

I dislike pretty much all of the Patriots signings lol. They can have all those guys at those prices.

Davis pickup is a low risk move. Your banking on the eval that Patricia and Detroit just didn't use him right and let him play to his speed. He was a great prospect coming out. Fast.

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