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Story Behind the Greatest TD Celebration of All Time

Uncle Buck

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The thing that made this celebration so great is that Moss waited until he made the catch that put the Packers away and bumped them out of the playoffs.  It was such a fun way to tell the Cheeseheads what he thought of their taunting him earlier in the year.  It's a great rivalry between the two teams and Randy just added some fuel to the fire by giving them some of their own medicine.  Finally, as Kip Smithers said, Joe Buck's reaction made it all the more memorable.  He made a fool of himself because everybody else loved it!  Even Tony Dungy was laughing on TV about it.

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1 minute ago, Malfatron said:

on topic, even as a Packers fan i love this celebration from Moss.

Obviously, I wasnt happy at the result, but definitely hold no ill will toward Moss, and hes one of my favorite players that has played on a rival

It was funny when he did it, but it was also hilarious that there were a bunch of Cheeseheads lined up to do a real moon to the Vikings bus as it pulled in to Lambeau Field.  Great rivalry.  xD

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