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2021 Dallas Cowboys FFMD War Room


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QB: Prescott | Gilbert | DiNucci | Rush 
RB: Elliott | Pollard | Dowdle | R.Stevenson
FB: Olonilua 
WR: Cooper | Lamb | J. Waddle | Brown | Turner 
TE: Jarwin | Schultz | McKeon | L. Farrell 
LT: T. Smith | B. Knight | M. Hyatt 
LG: C. Williams | C. McGovern 
OC: Biadasz | A. Redmond 
RG: Z. Martin | J. Anderson
RT: L. Collins | T. Nsheke | T. Steele 

DE: D. Lawrence | D. Armstrong | B. Anae 
DT: A. Woods | B. Urban | J. Hamilton | C. Watkins 
DT: T. Hill | N. Gallimore | T. Togiai 
DE: R. Gregory | T. Basham | H. Rashed, Jr. 
SLB: J. Smith | F. Bernard | C. Snowden
MLB: L. Vander Esch | L. Gifford 
WLB: K. Neal | D. Deablo
CB: T. Diggs | A. Brown | M. Canady | C. Goodwin | J. Pinnock
FS: D. Kazee | R. Grant | D. Thompson | Re. Robinson
SS: D. Wilson | J. Kearse | S. Parker
CB: J. Okudah | J. Lewis | Ra. Robinson | S. Smith 

K: G. Zuerlein  
P: H. Niswander 
LS: J. McQuaide 

1.10 - Jaylen Waddle WR, Alabama
2.50 (via MIA) - Richie Grant S, UCF
3.100 (comp) - Tommy Togiai DT, Ohio State
4.116 - Devine Deablo LB, Virginia Tech
4.139 (comp) - Hamilcar Rashed, Jr. DE, Oregon State
5.157 (via MIA) - Charles Snowden EDGE, Virginia 
5.179 (comp) - Jason Pinnock CB, Pittsburgh
6.192 (via DET)  - Rhamondre Stevenson RB, Oklahoma 
6.227 (comp) - Jake Anderson G, Texas Tech
7.238 - Luke Farrell TE, Ohio State





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2 hours ago, Nextyearfordaboyz said:

I am not the right guy to be helping with this exercise, because I'm standing pat unless I can get a really intriguing player-for-player trade on Michael Gallup.

That's fine too. 


2 hours ago, Texas_OutLaw7 said:

My Trade Block:

  1. Gallup - Talk to DET?
  2. Jarwin / Dalton (one of them) 
  3. Zuerline
  4. Hill - Talk to LV?
  5. Williams 

I am WILLING to move a starter in one area for a starter in another. I listed in order from how I would move on from.


Think that's a pretty fair list, though I'm not sure about Hill. 

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1 hour ago, mountainpd said:

Dolphins calling, what’s your draft plans, you looking to move up/down or stick.

we want options on both our picks so sounding out suitors,

I'd say we aren't really looking to move up for anybody. May look to move down depending on how the board falls/what's offered. 

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4 hours ago, mountainpd said:

Keep us in mind if the board doesn’t fall your way. We are at 18.

We are going to several options we would be more than happy with. It would take a stunning abdication of logic from other teams for that not to be the case. 

But seeing that we will likey be swimming in talent the real question will be how much of a premium would you be willing to pay to move up?

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