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Week 2 GDT: Titans (0-1) @ Seahawks (1-0) - do we suck again???


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That idiot really thinks not running PA on first down is acceptable? As if it's just a given we're going to run every first down?

His quote literally suggests he doesn't see an issue with not doing it on first down...

Yeah if he doesn't turn it around we'll be calling for coaches heads. 

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I didn't have a sense of urgency to start 4th grade after summer break.

I don't have a sense of urgency to do my mundane corporate America job.

How does a football team not have a sense of urgency during the first game of the season? And then the OC validates the thinking?

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1 hour ago, 615finest said:

AJ goin at Paul again lol

I dislike Paul. I have purged my timeline of his tweets and their show.  I have strong feelings against the company and Clay Travis. 

I'll say again. Paul is worthless. Doesn't break anything and just ends up reporting what we all know or get from other outlets. I think he has burned his bridge for sources. 



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