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GDT Browns @ Vikings.


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  1. 1. Game MVP

    • Kevin
    • Nick Chubs Browns
    • The residents of Hornby
    • Myles's sacks
    • BAKER not Cousins
  2. 2. who wins

  3. 3. what do you most want to see

    • Kevins salt and pepper
    • JOK running fast
    • sacks
    • balls
    • Chubb break a record
    • Chubb break Minnesotas spirit
    • Baker with a multi TD passign game
    • OBJ not pouting
    • Denzel to the house
    • NudeTayne use his mod powers for good
    • no more poll options
    • more pole options ;)
    • Natedawgs life matters
    • Mwill have a smile on his dial
    • LGBTQ+ score a 2nd victory over cheddar
    • multiple turnovers and solid defense

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Coming off a dominating win vs the Bears your Cleveland Browns go Minnesota to take on the Vikings.



Browns @ Vikings 

The last time the Browns and Vikings clashed the world was a vastly different place. 

How Case Keenum and Kevin Stefanski speaking the same language will help  during this challenging Browns offseason - cleveland.com

Keenum was the Vikings QB and Kevin was his QB coach. Now Kevin is his coach and Keenum is our backup QB/back up QB coach. 

While the quality of our QB/QB coach combo at the time was a little more like this 

Here are some of the best wrestling GIFs you are ever likely to see | JOE  is the voice of Irish people at home and abroad

Stephanski entered the Vikings like this 

Kevin Stefanski - Football - University of Pennsylvania Athletics

And they turned him into this

Vikings' Kevin Stefanski Hired as Browns HC, Reportedly Signs 5-Year  Contract | Bleacher Report | Latest News, Videos and Highlights

So Minnesota

The Office Thank You GIF

Thank You Very Much GIF by UFC

This week

We have a coaching battle Mike Zimmer Vikings HC, 

 Star Wars Irony GIF

takes on his former staffer in Stephanski

movie mrw light obiwan spinoff GIF

His team is  led by Kirk "that's not a cough" Cousins 

Trending GIF sports sport nfl celebration winning victory vikings saints  minnesota vikings overtime game winner kirk cousins

They are 1-2 after winning there first game against Russ and the Seahawks. We are going to their home town this Sunday which is a short 2 hour flight away and the weather is expected to be dome. 

This is a big game for both teams, if the Browns want to get to the top of the North, we need a W, if the Vikings want to make the playoffs they are going to need some wins soon. Both teams are talented and well coached, it should be a great game and a great test for the Browns.

Score Browns 31 Vikings 30.

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6 minutes ago, LETSGOBROWNIES said:

Come On What GIF

You mean to tell me you got your wife convinced you don’t look at boobies on the internet machine???

I Dont Believe You Dr Strangelove GIF

If my wife saw me doing that she wouldnt go nuclear, it would be worse she would be hurt and disappointed. and then I would have to nice and apologetic and that sounds tiring.  

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54 minutes ago, Kiwibrown said:

If my wife saw me doing that she wouldnt go nuclear, it would be worse she would be hurt and disappointed. and then I would have to nice and apologetic and that sounds tiring.  

The use of a General Turgidson gif in this discussion is deliciously ironic.

https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/turgid  That 2nd definition.  Helps to reinforce what this entire film is about.

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7 minutes ago, H2ThaIzzo said:

This should be the game that we go pass heavy. Minnesota is one of the bottom teams in essentially every pass defense category. 

Yeah this is a game Baker is gonna need to let it rip and make some plays.

Maybe our defense has turned a corner, whatever, but they’re still gonna put some points up.  That offense has a lot of talent and a vet QB.

I’d love to see a 3-4 TD game from Baker, he kinda needs it.

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