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GDT: Titans at Steelers


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Big game for us Saturday night and a bigger game for us Sunday. Coverage map isn’t out yet but we have Romo/Nantz, so guessing this will get some national attention.

No idea what to expect. Tough task for the offense. Hopefully we get Dupree back, as we should be able to really control the LOS when Pittsburgh has the ball.

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basically every game is a toss-up from here on out until we get healthier. hopefully we can get to big ben early and often but i'm sure he'll be getting rid of the ball extremely quickly. no shame in hoping that watt misses this one, lol. he might kill tannehill behind our sieve of an OL.

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Seems like PIT has our number...like no matter how either team is playing they show up against us and we spit the bit when we play them. I think we are both teams that want to be tough and physical, and they tend to one up us. Also the national game so of course we will choke. 

They are coming off long rest and we are just starting to get healthy, I think they win a tight one, like 17-13. 

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I feel like Ben’s arm just isn’t the same 

Last week he was in a dome so he didn’t have to worry about the cold but now he’ll be back out doors

Pit just hasn’t played very well this year 

Teams have been able to run on them too

If the Titans play more man than zone I’ll be happy 

We could definitely use Tate this week 


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