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Texans fire David Culley


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1 hour ago, Chiefs_5627 said:

Does he get another job or just ride out his 5 years til he gets fitted for his Gold Jacket?

He talked about his retirement plans at his introductory press conference. He's going to head back to TN and coach HS football.

$22mm will buy a lot of school pizza and fruit cups, y'know...

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1 hour ago, waterfish_21 said:

I have no idea why anyone feels bad for him?  He got 3 years salary for 1 year of work.  Basically a 22 million dollar retirement gift.  Can someone give me that and feel sorry for me please...  

He also was not being considered for any head coaching jobs anywhere in the NFL.  He basically won the jackpot.  Again, please let me win the jackpot and than feel sorry for me.  I'll cry in bags of cash.

A lot of people aren't driven solely by money. You spend your entire career working to do something and then get fired despite not truly underperforming.

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44 minutes ago, jrry32 said:

A lot of people aren't driven solely by money. You spend your entire career working to do something and then get fired despite not truly underperforming.

Gonna get ahead of this before it turns into a back and forth...

19 hours ago, ET80 said:


Comments like this really seem to be focused on record and not what led to this record.

Here's a really deep dive into the David Culley era in Houston:


Some fun nuggets:

- The Texans’ matched Las Vegas’ preseason expected win total, but when they weren’t competitive, they were really not competitive. They lost on average by 17.2 points.

- The 2020 Texans had a minus-80 point differential through 16 games, while Culley’s Texans were minus-169 through 16 games. In 2020, the Texans were 2-9 in one-score games; this season’s team was 0-4. No Texans team played in fewer one-score games than this season’s Texans, despite this being the longest season in Texans history.

- But in both of those victories (LAC, Tenn) as well as the Texans’ Week 1 win over the Jaguars, Houston finished plus-3 or better in turnover margin. In other words, turnover luck bounced the Texans’ way in a significant way, and that’s not a sustainable way to win or a smart way to evaluate the team’s overall performance.

- He’s made elementary game-management errors and offered head-scratching explanations. Among them:

He declined a penalty to punt a play early against the Browns out of frustration.

He did not understand Caserio’s in-game advice on the headset to let the Patriots score late in a close loss.

In that same Patriots game, he thought the clock stopped on New England’s final drive because of an incomplete pass, but it stopped because Culley called a timeout.

Down 11 early in the fourth quarter against the Dolphins, in a game in which his team failed to score a touchdown in its three prior red zone trips, Culley opted for a field goal from the Miami 1-yard line.

He said after losing to the Dolphins that his team would never win while turning the ball over four times, despite the Texans defense recording five takeaways that day.

After seeing the Texans’ up-tempo passing game have success in a failed comeback against the Titans, Culley said he shouldn’t have relied so heavily on one of the least efficient running games of this century. It took him 16.5 games to come to that revelation.


Let's level set here - the Texans are bad, sure. David Culley was part of the reason they were bad.


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24 minutes ago, AFlaccoSeagulls said:

@ET80when he reads this:


Several of the local media members have said this is more or less the common debate nationally - people are assuming that Culley was good because the Texans didn't go 0-17 or 1-16.

Truth is, they were spotted two games against possibly the worst franchise in sports (with a guy who might go down as the worst NFL HC in history). The LAC win has lost a lot of luster given how inconsistent that team was this entire season - so that leaves you with an admittedly impressive win against the Titans - the #1 seed, but a division rival (and we know that division rival games tend to get wonky at times).

So, that's two wins outside of the worst team in football - one against an inconsistent opponent who played down to the Texans and a division rival.

That's not better than expected, given that the experts had the Texans at four wins.

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Just now, Trojan said:

Wasn't the expectation somewhere between 0 and 3 wins on the year lol

Four, per Vegas. So right in line with expectations. Look past that and you see a team that wasn't even competitive in the other 13 games.

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If Vegas expected the Texans to win 4 games, they won 4 games, but the kicker goes 4 for 30 on field goals can the Texans replace the kicker?

Do they have to hold onto him because they met the Vegas predicted win mark? Are they allowed to make individual evaluations?

Culley was overmatched. He walks with 22 million. He got a chance no other team would have given him.

He is not a martyr and this is not an unfair move.


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14 minutes ago, ET80 said:

I expected zero, but I'm a pessimist. Vegas does this for money, so a 4.5 line is inclusive of the entire schedule.

I realize this isn't keeping on context of this recent string of posts... but if the Texans replace Culley with Brian Flores (I am assuming because no Black Monday, then Flo is available and ties and then HOU makes their job available) how well could any potential starting talent on the Texans defense translate from Lovie Smith's (I am assuming it's still Tampa 2 bend dont break) to a Flores man cover 0 blitz defense?

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