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93-49ers select Tyron Davis-Price RB lol


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I mean kind of makes sense. 49ers can't rely on what they have. We will probably run 500 attempts to lead the league in rushing this season with Lance.  No guarantee Deebo will be used the same if we dont extend him. 

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I really thought in the 4th or 5th I would see this. Wilson could get cut, but he’s always injured anyways same with hast but he’s small, sermon didn’t suit up, Mitchell was not an iron man and likely won’t be..like I get it..but cmon…


apprently he has some receiving chops too…

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13 minutes ago, N4L said:

@oldman9er are you still an LSU fan? Let us know what you think of this kid 

I live in Lafayette due to marrying a cajun about 15 years ago, so LSU is my college team now (never really had one growing up).  I do remember liking him but he was never someone I watched thinking or hoping that we would draft him.  I think it took LSU about half the season to start figuring out how to play football and when they started winning games it felt more team than individual, if that helps at all.  Work and hurricanes kept me pretty busy last season so I didnt really delve into the team as much.


If I recall correctly once he started hitting his grooved he was consistent and wore people down.  I just never watched LSU hoping that we would draft one of their RBs.  I had the pipe dream of somehow getting Stingley Jr on our team... Last years LSU team was just an overall confusing team, they had 3-4 games where the O-Line could not function but still had a guard go in the 2nd.

I cannot tell you about his pass blocking, and I am not sure he fits what I was hoping for if we did draft a RB.  Still, the last Louisiana born RB we took turned out well and I like to get players from this state on our team.  Get yourselves a crawfish boil and hope for the best, enjoy life my friends.

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