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Cavaliers Thread: We Don’t Suck Again!


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25 minutes ago, sdrawkcab321 said:

I have no clue what this is a reference towards. 

You're fortunate. Some cat named sportscoach was more than likely talking himself up with his accomplishments to add cred. And now he's just a bad poster. No offense if he's here and reading this :ph34r:

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17 hours ago, EL Brownso said:

Shaw carries a huge work load. Hopefully some of the kids step up. 

But for how many players are injured they are playing lights out. 

yeah Shaw has his issues but he pitches so much, maybe if he had these kind of outings where its a negative with limited appearances it be pretty awful. He has more positives than negatives, you just hear about it more when its a negative. I want to say Shaw has the most appearances by anything RP in the past 5 years. bryan Shaw, leads the American League in appearances in two of the past three years and he is currently tied with 66 appearances. I am surprised he actually has been this effective the past two seasons.  

Look at vinnie pestano, dude was a stud relief pitcher for the Indians in 11' and 12', he appeared in 67 and 70 games and than just fell off the map. Was over worked for those two seasons and than had a dead arm. Shaw is on the verge of making 70+ appearances in 5 straight seasons. He is currently at 66 but he will make it to 70. 

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