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Brian Flores Hired as Defensive Coordinator


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Awesome hire, very surprised the Cardinals did not hire him as the HC but I would guess they are going with Lou Anarumo instead.  Flores brings this team an edge they did not have last year at all, brings an attitude and will be great to have him on the defense.  The defense is instantly improved with him in the room.  Hopefully Kwesi listens to him and gets guys he wants on defense.  


Granted if the Vikings are greatly improved next year on D and they succeed as a team, Flores is most likely gone as a head coach somewhere else.  

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Scheme-wise, Flores based out of a 3-4. He was especially fond of using the “Tite” front, which positions defensive linemen on an inside shade against offensive tackles, in what is commonly known as a 4i technique. This is an effective front against the run, particularly the inside zone play, because the shade anchors a defender in the B-gap, which is the sweet spot for most zone-run teams. To block the shade, offenses are often forced to use double-teams, which frees up linebackers to pursue the football.


The Tite front also works well for teams with a good nose tackle. Because of the double teams created in the B-gaps, the nose is often left one-on-one against the center.


When Miami went to their nickel or dime, they were extremely aggressive. In 2021, the Dolphins played over 50% of their defensive snaps in cover-0 or cover-1. They often paired these coverages with a “Mug” look at the line of scrimmage


The combination of pressure, camouflage and tight man coverage forced a combined passer rating of below 40 against their cover-0 and cover-1 looks in 2020 and 2021. They also allowed the Dolphins to finish 1st and 8th in the NFL, respectively, in turnovers in those seasons.


Flores preferred a 3-4 Tite as his base front to take away the inside run game. In his sub-package, he was a blitz-heavy cover-0 or cover-1 with an emphasis on attacking the protection scheme of his opponents and using disguise to create confusion.




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