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Your Top 3 "What If's" going your team's way in franchise history...


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Submitted for your approval, another question to be filed under "Offseason Shower Thoughts..."

I think I've finally decided on mine: 

1. What if Joe Montana didn't get hurt, and knocked out of the 1990 NFC title game?

2. What if Kyle Shanahan drafted Patrick Mahomes instead of Solomon Thomas?

3. What if Garrison Hearst didn't tear up his ankle on the first play from scrimmage against the Falcons in the 1998 NFC Divisional? 

I'm sure other 49ers fans may chime in, and say something along the lines of "What if Harbs didn't call a timeout when Colin K would have ran in for a TD against the Ravens in the SB?" or "What if Brock Purdy didn't get hurt in the 2022 NFC title game?" or "Preston Riley..." or "Kyle Williams...", but those top three I'll probably be pondering until I'm six feet under. 

Please share your multiversal musings. 


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1. What if GB had drafted Barry Sanders instead of Mandarich (or even Deion, Derrick Thomas, heck Broderick Thomas....all had better careers than that bust; I once wrote a "what if GB got Aikman?" what if on a defunct message board)?

2. What if Gabe Wilkins didn't get hurt in SB XXXII? I re-watched the game once focusing on that, and the only time his replacement got near TD was when he earned a 15 yd facemask penalty; that SB was a close game and a better DL performance might have swung it

3. What if GB had drafted TJ Watt in 2015? 

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1.  What if Lewis Billups had actually held on to the late game INT in Super Bowl 23 instead of letting the 49ers tie it up on a pass to Rice the next play (the Bengals then scored a FG, but the Montana to Taylor pass came on the last second drive next).  Or what if Stanley Wilson hadn't coked out the night before?  Or Krumrie had sat ouit the play he wrecked his leg in that game?


2.  What if the Bengals taken the Saints trade (for Ricky Williams) instead of taking Akili Smith?  They could have netted Champ Bailey and a bagful of picks.

3.  What if the Bengals had called a running play instead of a bomb to Henry in the 2005 wild card game that saw both Carson Palmer and Chris henry take helmets to the knee and out of the game?

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1 hour ago, HerbertGOAT said:

What if the Bengals didn't blow the doors open in the 1981 AFC Championship game?

Hmm...to be fair the Bengals already beat the brakes off the Chargers earlier that season in San Diego 40-17. I know a two game sample size is small, but I think the Bengals were just the better unit that season. 

Maybe if it was regular temperatures, the Chargers might have fared better in the rematch. 

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11 minutes ago, TankWilliams said:

Only 1 that pops to mind, what if good Rex showed up to the super bowl in '06? 

As a Bears fan? Trubisky over Mahomes doesn't come to mind?

The most obvious "what if?" is what if literally any other team had drafted Brady? How differently would his career have gone, and how would Belichick be viewed today?

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I'm only going to do Titans, not Oilers.

1. What if Kevin Dyson gets into the end zone in the 1999 Super Bowl as time expires?

2. What if Keith Washington doesn't block that 37 yard FG in the 2000 Divisional round, completely flipping the game in the 4th quarter?

3. What if Alge Crumpler doesn't fumble the ball/Baltimore hurt Chris Johnson in the 2008 Divisional round against the Ravens in the 4th quarter?

Honorable Mention: What if Drew Bennett doesn't drop that 4th down pass in the 2004 Divisional round against the Patriots late in the 4th quarter?

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