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🔥 Pick #170 is in: Christopher Smith II, S, Georgia


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Undersized free safety with decent athletic ability and toughness to bolster roster depth. Smith has man-cover talent and range to play over the top, but he was often more effective attacking downhill on routes underneath and stopping plays. He’s willing in run support but tackling big backs could be an issue. Despite his limited size, his reliability in coverage is a big advantage against today’s offensive attacks.
  • Hard worker with a history of success.
  • Ready to rush into the alley and slow outside run.
  • Able to alter track to mirror runner’s movement in pursuit.
  • Recorded six interceptions over the last two years.
  • Finds angles to play the football in tight spaces.
  • Meets the receiver with timing and pop.
  • Jarred a high number of throws loose from wideouts.
  • Smallish frame for an aggressive safety.
  • Slows feet and catches the collision in open field.
  • Needs to play with better eye balance from off-man.
  • Average chase burst at the top of the route.
  • Very average feel when perched as high safety.
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Definitely a Patriots tight player in that he's one of those smart hard-working types that knows how to play football but has no real athleticism. 

More like a special teamer than he is going to be an actual player for us unless they use them in a smart way. Reminds me very much of like a Chuck Clark. I don't hate the pick because I do see a universe where he does start at some point.

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