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BDL 2017 Quarterfinals: #5 Singapore Sentinels @ #4 Cuba Smugglers


Singapore Sentinels @ Cuba Smugglers  

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BDL 2017 Quarterfinals: 

Vote for who you think would win the game.

One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results.

One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own.

For people who have been following along and wish to vote: please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion.

Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (GTD) are game-time decisions.

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Singapore Sentinels

QB: Ben Roethlisberger 
RB1:  LeVeon Bell 
WR1: Keenan Allen
WR2: Mohamed Sanu
WR3: Larry Fitzgerald 
TE1: Jesse James
LT: Donald Stephenson
LG: Lane Taylor
C: Rodney Hudson
RG: Josh Kline
RT: Chris Hubbard
OL6: Jonathan Cooper
OL7: Andre Smith
RB2: Kareem Hunt
RB3: Elijah McGuire
WR4: Trent Taylor
WR5: Zay Jones
WR6: Corey Davis 
TE2: Ricky Seals-Jones

RDE: Everson Griffen
DT: Aaron Donald
NT: Linval Joseph
LDE: Danielle Hunter 
MLB: Deion Jones
WLB: Jaylon Smith
CB: Trae Waynes 
CB: Jalen Mills
SCB: Desmond King
FS: Duron Harmon
SS: John Johnson III 
CB4: Kenny Vaccaro
CB5: Terrance Mitchell
DE3: Matthew Judon
DE4: Taco Charlton
DT2: Johnathan Hankins
S3: Quandre Diggs
S4/LB3: Sean Davis  
S5: Marcus Maye



Cuba Smugglers

QB: Kirk Cousins 
RB: Rex Burkhead 
WR: Julio Jones
WR: Kelvin Benjamin
OW: Tavon Austin
TE: Jack Doyle
LT: Anthony Castanzo
LG: Joe Berger
C: John Sullivan
RG: David DeCastro
RT: Rob Havenstien

FB: Anthony Sherman
RB: Frank Gore
WR: Michael Floyd
WR: DeMarcus Robinson
TE: Antonio Gates
TE: Ed Dickson
OL: Joe Haeg
OL: Germain Ifedi 

DE: Calais Campbell
DT: Fletcher Cox
DT: Willie Henry
Edge: Terrell Suggs
WLB: Derrick Johnson
MLB: Brandon Marshall
S/NB: Morgan Burnett 
RCB: Jamar Taylor
FS: LaMarcus Joyner
SS: Tre Boston
LCB: Desmond Trufant

NT: Eddie Vanderdoes
NCB: Lardarius Webb
Edge: Julius Peppers
DE: Derrick Shelby
OLB: Jordan Jenkins
WLB: TJ McDonald
MLB: BJ Goodson 
NCB: Anthony Brown

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We’re back in the playoffs after a year looking from the outside in. We have much respect for the Smugglers and know it will take all our effort and skill to make it to the next round.

Offense (3 WR, 1 RB, 1 TE)

3 Wide w/Single Back - We’re going to keep riding LeVeon Bell and expect Cuba to devote their talented DL to stopping the run. If they put 8 in the box, something hard to do without most of their LB’s, we will split Bell out as a receiver and audible James out into the seam to take advantage of the mismatches. Keenan Allen, Mohamed Sanu and Larry Fitzgerald form one of the best Trio of WR in the BDL. Big Ben will test the weakened secondary of the Smugglers, Trufant is a good corner but can’t cover everyone. If the Smugglers go with a 2 High Safety zone coverage then Ben will pick them apart underneath. If the go with single-high coverage then we will take our shots downfield to Allen.

Once more unto the breach - It would have been nice to have both Cannon and Glenn go on IR say 5-6 weeks ago. Stephenson has been serviceable lately and will get help from James against Suggs and company. We’ll also run some Jumbo packages with Cooper coming in at LG and Taylor sliding left, forming a six man line. Hudson and the interior OL will work to contain Fletcher Cox and Calais Campbell. 

Put me in Coach - Hunt is back on track and should be able to give Bell short rests as needed, allowing the running game to blossom. Trent Taylor, Jay Jones and Corey Davis will get reps as well running short routes to try jump start the quick passing game. Ricky Seals-Jones will get some red zone action as well.

Defense (4-2-5)
Nickel Base w/Two High Safety - Changing it up slightly this week to keep the big play in front of the secondary. Harmon and Johnson III will be deep in Zone to help cover the Smuggler’s top 2 receivers in Jones and Benjamin. Waynes and Mills will have coverage underneath on their sides. King will line up near the LOS and alternate between stopping the run or blitzing. Cousins will have little or no time to hit his marks with the best DL in the BDL breathing down his neck.
Time to earn our keep - Everson Griffen is playing out of his mind right now. He gets Costanzo this week and will make Cousins life a living hell. Aaron Donald might be the best defensive player in the league. His ability to get pressure is second to none. Linval Joseph makes it almost impossible for teams to double Donald. Together they will collapse any pocket Cousins has and clog the running lanes for Gore and Burkhead. Danielle Hunter rounds out our stout front, which allows us to only rush 4 for most downs and get max coverage from our back seven.
Men in the Middle - Deion Jones will cover Jack Doyle. Jaylon Smith will have run stopping duties this week. Quandre Diggs will get some work in the box this week as well if Cuba goes to two TE sets. Our backups could be starters for other teams so depth is one of the things that makes the Sentinels defense hard to overcome.



Cuba Smugglers


Singapore did not know we were their opponent until Wednesday even though it was announced during the week, and even before all the week 14. On the polls, we've been outscored 35-6 the past three weeks.  Prideful players like Terrell Suggs, Julius Peppers, elite talents like Fletcher Cox, Calais Campbell, and Julio Jones paired with our franchise players Desmond Trufant and Kirk Cousins are leaders of our team. We've beat Louisiana (Tom Brady) AND Long Beach (Aaron Rodgers) this year so even a rolling Ben Rothlisberger is on par with the elite talent that is seemingly present every week. 

Offense: We've lost on this side of the ball our QB 1, RB1, RB2, RB3, WR3, WR4, WR5, and LT1. Thus our depth is noticeably battle tested with recent games. One of the things Carolina had success with against a DL featuring three of the starters on Singapore's defense was heavily imbalanced offensive line looks. Joe Haeg will get some noticeable (7-8 snaps) run on the right side. On these sets we can let DeCastro get assistance from John Sullivan against Linval Joseph. Rob Havenstien will probably be aided by Jack Doyle whom serves as a chip.

The bigger plays come from play action. Kirk Cousins success has come from play action and RB checkdowns. Rex Burkhead specifies exactly what he looks for as a check down option. When we go spread we want to double stack the receivers together. When we run trips with a TE and some bunch formations to give the receivers constant rub routes. Singapore is a talented front but are susceptible to big plays from receivers. Quite frankly they have no one to match Julio Jones, and that should open Kelvin Benjamin as the single coverage will be important in contested grab situations. Lastly, we were aware of how successful targeting John Johnson III for Carson Wentz (3 TDs given up last week). We see no reason to stop this trend if Johnson gets the start. We'll use Jack Doyle to run post corner routes where he can stretch beyond Deion Jones. Antonio Gates will get some run at TE in the redzone for the exact reason. Julio Jones will run underneath routes against Waynes or Mills. Either battle is viewed as winnable and Julio will receive targets even if double teamed. 

The rest of the gameplan is figuring out how to deal with Aaron Donald. We understand his ability and intend to wear him down. We will attempt to block him with multiple players then stretch to the edge where David DeCastro leads the way on counter runs. We also think running Rex Burkhead out of shotgun sets may lead to success. We also want to try running at Danielle Hunter with some tosses and generally get Frank Gore around 15 touches due to has remained his consistent and ability to handle a massive workload.


Unique and imbalance lines to get the running game going. Run to the edges, establish the play action. Get Julio involved in the process of developing said run game.


This offense is coming in rolling with some dynamic talent. The major situation here is Cordy Glenn is gone. Our primary coverage will be zone defense. Initially some cover two where Trufant can get bracket help playing physical against Keenan Allen AND Morgan Burnett can help Derrick Johnson against Larry Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald does most of his work in the slot and we want additional coverage assignments with our reliable coverage guys. LaMarcus Joyner has been elite in coverage this year. Tre Boston has quietly been a strong defender with San Diego meaning we've got two outstanding coverage safeties to help one of the elite CB in Desmond Trufant. Jamar Taylor has also increased his level of play in recent weeks. We can switch the cover 2 and cover 3 assignments on a frequent basis. On some occasions since we really trust the back end we're getting creative with some blitz packages on Rothlisberger. Jordan Jenkins, TJ McDonald, or BJ Goodson at the ILB position serves as a disguise cover jamb but will bring the pressure.

We think the defense will be served well because our front matches well against this offensive line. Whomever gets the nod at LT will see a lot of Calais Campbell. We are not sure how Singapore will react to this. This should free up Fletcher Cox and give Terrell Suggs a winnable matchup against Chris Hubbard. This defensive line brings an ample amount of pass rush as we can show Suggs/Campbell/Cox/Peppers lineups(38.5 sacks this year) which is as dangerous a lineup as Singapore brings. Willie Henry also has shown promise and receives one on one matchups in the trenches.

This team preaches balance with some dynamic talents. We can slow down Leveon Bell by blitzing the LBs more than usual. Brandon Marshall should help as should the bigger edge defenders. We want to contain Leveon Bell to the point of him earning 100 yards total by his receiving ability. 


Expose this fraudulent pass protection starting with the tackles. Willie Henry had strong game against Lane Taylor, thus Rodney Hudson is sole premier player for Singapore upfront. Banking on Fletcher Cox and Calais Campbell making life difficult for Singapore. 30% cover 2, 20% blitz, 25 cover 3, 15% cover 4/6, 10% man coverage. Blitzing LBs for Leveon Bell makes him less likely to break the constant big run. Quality safety play make zone coverage a greater play than man coverage. Zone coverage cater so to Fitz underneath, and bracket Allen. 

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Going with cuba because I think Singapore's o-line is it's downfall, Ben and Bell do their best but there's only so much they can do behind a barley there o-line against a fantastic d-line.

This is a very close one though and I could totally see Singapore sneaking out a win on a last second FG but I do not trust their line to hold up or their secondary to stop Kirk Cousins in a crucial situation.

Cuba has issues on offense mostly at the RB position and secondary weapons outside of a banged up Benjamin and a medicore Doyle but they're more than capable of scoring enough to beat Singapore. 31-24 and the game ends on Singapore trying to punch it in to force OT only for Ben to get stripsacked.

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Singapore DL is insanely good, I've said it before. But with extra protection schemes planned, Cuba can get things going against a secondary that leaves a lot to be desired. On the other hand, I like the Sentinels running game and that keep them in the game. But when it's ball time, I think their OL doesn't answer the call. 27-17 Cuba with a pick 6 sealing the game for the Smugglers

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This one was tough. I literally wrote up both teams winning and deleted it. Singapore has a plethora of weapons but Big Ben is going to take a beating, on the other side of the ball I think Singapore relied too much on their awesome front line and didn't really give a good plan on how they were going to limit Julio and Kelvin from having huge games against Waynes and Mills. Double teams and/or additional pass rush is really needed IMO.

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5 hours ago, Hockey5djh said:

This one was tough. I literally wrote up both teams winning and deleted it. Singapore has a plethora of weapons but Big Ben is going to take a beating, on the other side of the ball I think Singapore relied too much on their awesome front line and didn't really give a good plan on how they were going to limit Julio and Kelvin from having huge games against Waynes and Mills. Double teams and/or additional pass rush is really needed IMO.

Um Coverage of Julio and Kelvin by CB's underneath and Safeties over the top=double coverage. King is the extra Blitzer.

Kelvin is also clearly not 100%. Heck after this week Cuba will be down to Frank "Father Time" Gore at RB and have to covert even more Safeties to LB's.


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Singapore's o-line is going to be their downfall here. Ben is no stranger to playing with a bad o-line and he'll make more than enough plays to keep this close until the 4th Q but I just don't see the o-line holding up when they need them to most.

Cuba's lacking weapons outside of Julio is going to haunt them at some point, but not this week and I trust Cousins enough to pull out a win at home.

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