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Saints to sign QB Nathan Peterman


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Lmao. Gruden always loved Peterman for some odd reason. I'm pretty sure this pick up is just so Gruden can get on him for screwing up and he takes great pleasure in yelling at this guy. He might actually think he still has untapped potential as well lol.

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I mean....

Jameis is gone so backup was a need. Peterman knows the system. By all accounts he's pretty smart and more of an extension of the coaching staff than a player. He should probably become a coach, tbh. 

To be fair, he looked better with the Raiders than anywhere else. Not saying a whole lot, but whatever. Probably going to draft Michael Pratt and use Peterman to help coach him up. The wee kid from  Fresno they drafted last year is cheeks anyway. 

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I love that this meme player just continues to keep existing in the league.  It's hilarious.



Though in fairness, he's obviously just being brought in to camp here as an extra "on field" coach of sorts.  As well as a (very pathetic) camp arm and preseason fodder to evaluate other players within the system.  Which is fine, as long as he's not the actual backup QB that might have to play any NFL snaps ever.  But i'm going to ignore that because it's a lot funnier to imagine that he's just being kept around as a running inside gag by NFL decisionmakers.

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