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Steelers sign WR Quez Watkins


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12 minutes ago, BetterCallSaul said:

I feel like every single "track fast" guy the Steelers have ever rostered has been bad. Except for maybe Willie Parker?

we suck at developing "gadget" fast smallish guys

Chris Rainey

Dri Archer


Calvin Austin

I don't think we got 1,000 yards from line of scrimmage total from these guys. All draft picks

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Not a good player. Has zero dog in him, has no idea how to or desire to fight for the ball. Feel like he thinks he's better than he is. Been wanting him off the team for 2 years now. Has let us down in several big moments, where the ball was in the air, and I just KNEW Quez wasn't coming down with it.

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Sad the only thing Watkins has is speed. Otherwise he might actually be a viable WR in the NFL. Everything,  literally everything else he lacks in spades!


Route running



Ability to high point a ball

Can not emphasize enough how many times his lack of effort, fight, desire led to a incompletion or Jalen Hurts INT.

GL Wilson/Fields 



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12 hours ago, Football_Bachelor08 said:

Eagles fans everywhere rejoice 

There was always a fear deep down that we might actually resign Quez after the draft if he was still available?

He is to Nick Sirianni what Nelson Agholor was to Doug Pederson.  

Pet Projects they never gave up on despite all of the obvious signs they should of.

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