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Vixen Twins watch Wild Wolves and Loony Lynx (MN Sports Thread)


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40 minutes ago, swede700 said:

Who'da thunk that this team would be the one that everyone would be saying is going to win the NBA title, only to then not win another game. 

Every Minnesota sports fan

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On 5/13/2024 at 11:03 AM, VikeManDan said:

NBA 2023-24 Season Averages

FG% 47.4
3P% 36.6

Game 1:
MIN: 52.4/40.7
DEN: 46.7/41.9

Game 2:
MIN: 50.0/39.4
DEN: 34.9/30.0

Game 3:
MIN: 43.7/30.3
DEN: 53.8/48.3

Game 4:
MIN: 47.6/39.3
DEN: 57.0/44.8

Game 5:
MIN: 48.7/30.8
DEN: 55/47.4 

Game 6:
MIN: 46.5/37.5
DEN: 30.2/19.4

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Rod Carew stole second, third, and home in the same inning on this date in 1969.

With the Billy Martin-managed Twins down 2-0 in Detroit, César Tovar singled off Mickey Lolich leading off the bottom of the third. Then, with Carew up to bat, Tovar was balked to second and then stole third. Perhaps distracted by Tovar, Lolich walked Carew. Then, with Harmon Killebrew at the plate, the Twins executed a double steal, with Carew swiping second and Tovar taking home on the throw. Carew then stole third and home to tie the game. (Killebrew wound up striking out.)

Carew was the only player to steal second, third, and home consecutively during the 1960s.

St. Paul native Paul Molitor accomplished the feat in the first inning of a game against Oakland on July 26, 1987.

The most recent player to do so was Elly De La Cruz on July 8, 2023.


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