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Day 2 and 3 Mock Draft


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2[33] Cleveland Browns: OT Conner Williams [Texas]
2[34] NY Giants: OG Will Hernandez [UTEP]
2[35] Cleveland Browns [Hou]: DE Harold Landry [Boston College]
2[36] Indianapolis Colts: WR Courtland Sutton [SMU]
2[37] Indianapolis Colts [NYJ]: CB Josh Jackson [Iowa]
2[38] Tampa Bay Buccaneers: S Justin Reid [Stanford]

*Trade: The Chicago Bears trade 2[39] to the San Diego Chargers for 2[48], 4[119], 5[155], The Bears have needs that need to addressed and with a number of similar edge guys they can afford to move down.

2[39] Los Angeles Chargers [Chi]: QB Mason Rudolph [OK St]
2[40] Denver Broncos: C James Daniels [Iowa]
2[41] Oakland Raiders: RB Derrius Guice [LSU]
2[42] Miami Dolphins: G Tyrell Crosby [Oregon]
2[43] New England Patriots [SF]: OLB Lorenzo Carter [Georgia]
2[44] Washington Redskins: CB Donte Jackson [LSU]
2[45] Green Bay Packers: S Ronnie Harrison [Alabama]
2[46] Cincinnati Bengals: DT Nathan Sheppard [Fort Hayes St]
2[47] Arizona Cardinals: WR Christian Kirk [Texas A&M]

2[48] OLB Josh Sweat [Florida St] 6'5" 255lbs.

An absolute freak athlete with the length and explosion to be a difference making pass rusher. The concern was a devastating knee injury in high school, but he passed the medical re check. This gives the Bears a situational rusher with incredible size.


*Trade: The Bears trade 4[105] and 4[119] to the Atlanta Falcons for 3[90] and 6[200]. It has been rumored that the Bears want to get into the 3rd round. Charles Tillman is there to be honoured as a Walter Payton man of the year announcing the pick, I think they make a move.

3[90] WR Michael Gallup [Colorado St] 6'1" 200lbs.

The Bears need a #3 WR and Gallup has deep speed and is a great route runner who should be able to contribute year 1 as he is pretty polished by college standards.


4[115] OG Wyatt Teller [Virginia Tech] 6'4" 314lbs.

The Bears need an option at OG if they are not going to invest in a day 1 starter. Teller has the size, length, athletic ability, and demeanor that Heistand can coach up to compete with Kush and Morgan.


5[145] OT Brandon Parker [NC A&T] 6'7" 314lbs.

Give Hiestand a big OT prospect and lets see if he can develop him to replace Massie in 2019.


5[155] S Trey Flowers [Oklahoma St] 6'3" 200lbs, 4.45, 18 reps, 34.5" vert, 10'2" broad

No depth at safety.


6[181] DE Bilal Nichols [Delaware] 6'4" 306lbs

No depth at DE.


6[200] WR Jordan Trinnamen [BYU] 6' 190lbs, 4.3 [40], 40" vert, 12' broad

Incredible speed and a backup for Gabriel that can physically do the same things.


7[224] RB Jarvion Franklin [Western Michigan] 6' 225lbs, 4.63 [40], 18 reps, 30" vert, 9'1" broad

Big back that can pound inside if Howard gets injured.


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